Odoo ERP Enterprise vs Community version 14
December 16, 2020
CRM Comparison White Paper:HubSpot, Zendesk, Zoho & Odoo
September 20, 2021

Odoo 15 New Features

Expected Features of Odoo 15

This is how the Odoo AI generate websites out of a theme, adapting it to different keywords. (choosing photos and colour pallets)

Real-time collaboration in every text area.

HUGE improvements in PLANNING app

  • Task dependencies

  • Progress indicator

  • Quick plan from order lines

  • Plan orders (auto-plans order lines)

  • Quick overview of % planned of employees work schedule

Generate, check, scan, type in, and use gift cards in Odoo Point of Sale.

Automatically retrieve currency exchange rate updates from the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates.

With Odoo Appointments you can generate links to share for all occasions: pre-configured appointment types, custom time slots, full calendar. It respects your availability based on office hours, time off, holidays, other meetings, etc...

Odoo Project now supports tasks dependencies, improved gantt view with more controls, auto-shift conflicts, progress indicator, compact view, milestones.

Odoo Inventory can now help you pick your products from the nearest stock location. Walk less, do more.

The Odoo portal now allows customers and suppliers to interact on their projects in kanban view in the website frontend.

Insert any list in Odoo Spreadsheet with the new LIST function. Just like with pivots, your spreadsheets stay accurate with real-time business data.

The Odoo portal now allows customers and suppliers to interact on their projects in kanban view in the website frontend.

Drill-down to the records explaining data in your spreadsheets.

Odoo Discuss now supports group chats, chat names, external invites, better emoji set, etc...

New info popup in the Point of Sale gives you financial and inventory insights on selected products.

Runbot, the continuous integration platform of Odoo, is now testing localized environments, reinforcing our commitment to our customers abroad and to the development of international markets.

Improved data import. Batch import, progress bar, pause & resume.

Easily generate the appropriate CSV to e-file 1099 reports all at once

New Design of E-Commerce product page

Generate NACHA file for mass payment via ACH.

OWL Sheet 2.0 is out! Spreadsheet fed real-time with ERP data. Formula assistant, Edit bar, Find & replace etc.

New model to manage assets from user interface in Odoo15.

More expected features

The immense capability of Odoo ERP system is that it’s available to deploy on your own private network or on Cloud and can be easily used in web browser to do the job.

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