Dashboard and Reports

Gather full overview with life-cycle reports. Synconics also has a life-cycle reports feature for you to see the complete history of a ticket including time spent on each status, the current assignee, status and date of creation. Thus you can track how your tickets are being handled and use the insight to optimize your support process. Data is key to making informed decisions, especially in the context of customer support. But filtering through a lot of available data can be daunting and time consuming.

Synconics lets you to add custom reporting widgets that you care about, from various reports, under the same roof. Using custom dashboard, support managers can quickly access key metrics. Synconics dashboard feature increases the visibility of real-time business operations for faster, more informed decisions to improve performance and efficiency. At-a-glance charting provides an instant overview of your help desk's service fulfilment.

Customisable Dashboard

Dashboards on the help desk module are customisable based on personal preferences. This allows user to set and define their workflow, which leads to increased efficiency and reductions in errors. Reports can be added, items can be moved around according to the preference and ticket series can be displayed as required.

Performance Reporting

The help desk dashboard can be used by the management for monitoring statistics related to the performance of the help desk. Statistics like technician performance, customer support needs by location, real-time billing data and incidence frequency are graphically represented for easy analysis. Also different teams will have different reports allowing for comparing and identification of weakness in service.

Customer Survey Reports

The help desk module collects data from multiple survey types and subjects. This data is turned into graphical insights to to identify strengths and uncover bottlenecks resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

Asset Management

The help desk module not only supports reporting and monitoring of the customer side but it also assists in tracking hardware, software and other mobile assets that are associated with the issue.

It can track inventory parts in storage location, search for parts based on ticket details, track any imported parts that are to be used and upon integration with warehousing, it will automatically deduct the part used from inventory.

Billing rate management

The help desk also works for organizations who offer paid consulting services to clients. The billable time counter keeps track of customers billable time & the amount and length of calls taken by a technician.

The bill rate can also be customized by adding rules pertaining to normal rate, overtime rate, after-hours & and even specific non-billed time.

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