Digital Transformation

Digital Strategy

Digital transformation is the use of technology to make resourceful improvements to an organization. It is more than a simple technology initiative and is instead a strategy to completely overhaul an organization’s business model.

An ERP system is the nucleus of any digital transformation strategy as it not only transforms the digital architecture of a company but also gives key decision makers all the data that they need to take their business to the next orbit.

Digital Transformation is a game changer. It causes companies to rethink how to interact with their customers, partners and suppliers, how to position and compete in the market and how to run their operations...

Digital Technology Selection

In order to become a Digital Enterprise which is a must now, organizations need Digital Core to participate in a Digital Economy. In a Digital Economy, a very real currency is the data exchanged between entities, not just goods, services and monetary funds in the traditional sense. We help you find the software that best fits your organization’s budget, timeframe, industry and operational needs. We help you find the technology that will transform your organization and enable innovation.

Digital transformation with ERP may provide Business process reengineering: specialized software (Best breed System) focus on incremental improvements to business processes – such as finding more efficient ways to perform existing functions. Instead of incremental improvements to business processes materially disrupt and improve current business models...

Digital Transformation Implementation

Digital business transformation has shifted from “nice to have” to “must have”. But challenges abound: From how to digitize IT and digitally interact with customers to how to integrate new digital services with existing products and solutions. Where do you start?

Business transformation aims at helping our clients to become the finest in their field.

At Synconics, we believe that a successful business transformation must:

  • Define overall vision, targets and requirements for the future
  • Use a phased approach with timed implementation stages
  • Demonstrate progress through special events and interventions
  • Ensure employee buy-in through engagement at an early stage

Legacy Modernization

Many of our clients decide to implement new software because their legacy system is outdated, no longer being supported, and/or won’t allow them to scale for the growth they are experiencing. While these are good reasons to select a new ERP system, they shouldn’t be the only reasons. Rather than just replacing your old system, your focus should be on viewing the initiative as a subset of a broader digital strategy and business transformation.

One of the biggest challenges for CIOs today is to ensure technology and business process evolution are in sync. Legacy technologies and infrastructure contribute to systemic inflexibility, which is compounded by skill shortage and high ownership cost of these systems. Modernization delivers competitive advantages of agile business processes based on new technologies and architecture. It also helps mitigate risks and reduces the cost of ownership...

Organizational Transformation

Designing an operating model and the best organizational structures for an enterprise is a multi-dimensional challenge. Synconics Consulting’s organization design services transform complex enterprise ecosystems into flexible and agile digital organizations that can rapidly respond to external developments and achieve strategic objectives.

There are three organisational scenarios that may will play out:

  • Organisations that believe that they don’t need to rapidly evolve. They will die.
  • Organisations who choose believe that digital “elements” of their business (like a CRM product) will somehow make them a digital enterprise. These companies will not be competitive and will either suffer significant devaluation over the next decade or will be acquired.
  • Organisations who know what the coming Digital Economy for their respective industry will require to win and are earnestly building a Digital Core, connected all the way to the Digital Edge of their business and beyond. These companies will win with change management.

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