.NET Training


VB.Net the programming language: Introduction to forms, variable, type conversion, constant, enum, operator, statement. Array, introduction to procedures, calling procedures, argument passing mechanisms, scope of variable.

Object Oriented Programming with VB.Net: Introduction to object oriented programming, class, object, creating a class, inheritance, polymorphism, interface, working with simple controls.

Exception Handling with VB.Net: Exception, structured exception handling using try, catch and final statements, and user defined exception.

Data Access: Introduction to data access, overview of ado.net, ado.net architectures and its components. Using visual tools for data access, data form wizard.

Introduction to VB.Net
  • Comparing VB and VB.Net
  • Advantage of VB.Net over VB
  • Where VB.Net stands in the .Net world Visual Studio Environment (Know your tools)
  • Introduction to visual studio IDE
  • Visual Basic Express edition IDE
.Net Technology and VB.Net
  • The origins of .Net Technology
  • Frame work base classes
  • Common language runtime(CLR)
  • VB.Net and .Net


Understanding the Microsoft .Net framework and ASP.Net
  • The Microsoft .Net framework
  • Difference between ASP.Net 2.0 and 3.5
  • Role of ASP.Net in web based application development
  • ASP.Net page life cycle
Creating web forms
  • ASP .Net web forms
  • HTML Server controls
  • Web server controls
  • HTML VS web server controls
Tour of visual studio
  • A tour of the various features of visual studio
  • Debugging techniques in visual studio
  • Configuring the development environment
Using Advanced server controls
  • Validation controls
  • List controls and data binding
  • Navigation controls
Managing State
  • The various means of managing state
  • ViewState
  • Application State
  • Session state
  • Server, Request, Response object
  • Writing and reading Cookies
  • When to use various forms of maintaining state
ASP.Net security
  • Basic security concepts
  • Windows authentication
  • Forms authentication
  • The dangers of SQL injection attacks and how to prevent it
Deploying Caching to gain some performance advantage
  • Page output caching
  • User control caching
  • Data caching
  • Using caching to gain performance advantage
Configuring you web application
  • Introduction web.config file
  • Understanding the various elements of the web.config file
  • Using the ASP.Net web configuration tool
  • Introduction to ADO.net technology and comparing ADO.Net with ADO and JDBC
  • The ADO.Net advantage
  • Connecting to a database (SQL server, MySQL and Oracle)
  • Connected Layer of ADO.Net
    1. Executing SQL commands against the database
    2. Best Practices regarding connection handling
  • Disconnected Layer of ADO.Net
    1. Advantages of the disconnected architecture
    2. Datasets, DataTables, DataColumns
    3. Table relations
    4. Using Data Adapters to Persist the changes back to the database
  • Visually connecting to the database without writing any code using Support from visual studio

C# Programing

Methods in C#
  • Declaring methods in classes
  • Methods with parameters
  • Passing arguments to methods(call by value and call by reference)
  • Using the params keyword
Declaring Arrays in C#
  • 1D and 2D array declaration and initialization
  • Jagged Arrays
  • Working with various methods of the System, Array class
String Handling in C#
  • The two types of string mutable string and immutable Strings
  • Creating strings and string methods
  • Jagged Arrays
Operator Overloading
  • Overloadable Operators
  • Overloading unary and binary operators
Structures and Enumeration in C#
  • Declaring structures
  • Structures with methods and constructors
  • Difference between classes and structures
  • Introduction to enumerations
  • Why using Enumerations is considered a good software design
  • Enumeration Initialization and type conversion
Inheritance and polymorphism in C#
  • Different types of inheritance in c#
  • Access control in c#
  • Overriding methods
  • Sealed methods(Preventing method overriding)
  • Method overloading
  • Constructor Overloading
Interfaces and Abstract classes
  • Introduction to Interface bases programming and the importance Of interfaces in programming
  • Multiple inheritance through interfaces
  • Implementing interfaces
  • Introduction to abstract classes
  • Abstract classes vs Interfaces
Delegates and Events
  • What are delegates?
  • Declaring and invoking delegates in C#
  • Multicast delegates
  • Events in C#
Managing Console Input/output operations
  • Console class
  • Console input and output
  • Formatted output
Introduction to windows Programming with C#
  • GUI programming with C#
  • Using the Visual Studio IDE to visually create Windows Forms
  • Basics of creating and running a windows forms application

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