Multi Channel

Through the multiple channel integration, you need not divide your attention between different channels. This feature lets you focus on the actual client issues, rather than dividing your attention between various platforms.

Synconics Help Desk provide support by Email support(Multiple emails/categories), Phone support, an Embeddable Widget/Contact Form on your website, Social Media Support, Chat and also converts inbound service requests into helpdesk tickets in the ticketing system. Ticketing system centralizes the channel for receiving IT service requests via an interactive Web portal. IT teams can benefit from avoiding the use of disparate sources such as chat, phone, email and in-person discussions for customer communication.

Email Support

While there has been massive development of multiple channels of communication between customer and organizations, the core channel is still regarded as e-mail. With no cap on the number of mailboxes, access to all your accounts on a single help desk is possible.

Every ticket can be categorized, prioritized and automatically assigned to the required team. Collaboration between teams on the tickets ensures that multiple agents aren't attending the same customer.


A sizable percentage of the consumers expect on call support. Integrating other modes of communication with the traditional call is important.It also helps in keeping track of case history, responses given and the progress achieved in solving the query.

For integrating queries received by calls, they are converted into digital tickets providing a common platform for monitoring and integrating.

Social Media Integration

With the expanding presence of organizations across multiple social media platforms, its essential for organizations to integrate queries, complaints and issues raised from platforms like Twitter (Coming soon:- Facebook, LinkedIn, Messenger, Google+, YouTube etc...). Instead of replying on multiple accounts, the help desk integrates all platforms into a single help desk increases efficiency.

Customer Web Portal

Customers are now expecting an online repository where they can access solutions to common issues which a user can solve without assistance from a technician.

This portal can also enable customers to submit ticket, generate reports etc which will need administrative approval. Consumers can add and track their own tickets bringing transparency and demonstrating what the organization is actively doing to solve their issue.

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