Features of Odoo 12 (Customer Engagement)
October 6, 2018
Features of Odoo 12 (Procurement & Finance)
October 6, 2018

Features of Odoo 12 (Manufacturing)

The stock user does not have the right to create invoices. The button “create invoice” is invisible from the repair order for those users....


Unbuild orders

The push rules are now also applied after unbuild orders.

Barcode on work order

Work orders can be processed by using a barcode scanner.


Enlarge the feature to define which components to use for a finished product specific variant on the BoM.


Prevent users to suppress productivity losses that are needed on work orders.

Product Cost

Compute the cost of products based on their BoM in mass directly from the product list view.

Manufacturing in 2 or 3 steps

Pick the components before a MO and store the finished product after a MO with a one-click configuration.

Access Right

The stock user does not have the right to create invoices. The button “create invoice” is invisible from the repair order for those users.

BoM structure

Add information about the BoM reference and version and make it clickable. Also, add the attachments of the product on that report.

Produce on MO

Define the exact quantities of components you consume to produce a finished product on a MO. Gives more flexibility for components consumption.


Dashboard view and KPIs

New dashboard view giving an overview of your inventory management. Gives average cycle times and delays and information about value coming in and out of the stock.

Push and Pull Rules

Push and pull rules are merged into a single concept, easier to configure.

Product Cost

Add more information on journal items created through a change of the cost of the product. Clearer description of journal items.

Track PO

If the PO has been triggered by a reordering rule, show that reordering rule as source document on the PO (even in case of multi-steps receipt).

PDF Reports

Improvement on the batch picking pdf to regroup the products to pick per locations. Improvements to the delivery slip, traceability, the picking operations, and the production order PDF reports to fit business.

Visual representation of routes

Representation of the routes that apply to the product, to ease the configuration and debugging of push and pull rules.


A new button appears on the stockable product to allow to easily replenish your stock for this product.

Carriers Connector

Full integration with BPost and Easypost to support 90 extra carriers.

Unit of weight

Define if you work with kilograms or pounds. Useful when working with carriers integrations.

Transfer Date

Display the date at which the transfer has been processed on done transfers. The default scheduled date on pickings is set to today’s date.

Putaway strategy by product

The putaway strategies can now be applied product per product and not only per product category.


Accounting entries are posted automatically when an exchange rate has changed between the invoice and the receipt/delivery dates.


When there are exceptions to manage, a next activity is logged on the impacted document.


Work Flow

Using the Barcode App allows you to process your pickings much faster, increasing the productivity of your workers. Scan directly lot or serial numbers, scan operation types to create new pickings from scratch and take from or deliver to specific location in your warehouse.

New Interface

The User Interface (UI) has been completely reviewed to facilitate the work of the employee in the warehouse. He clearly sees what he is doing and what he has to do.

Inventory adjustments

The new Barcode App is made to perfectly fit to mobile usage.


The new Barcode App is made to perfectly fit to mobile usage.



Odoo integrates the IoT technology to your business flows. We don't add extra steps to your work.

Device Connection

The IoT Box allows you to connect any device to your database.

Ready Out of the Box

The configuration of the box is very easy, even non technical users can do it.


Devices can be connected to the IoT Box in USB, HDMI, Bluetooth or Wifi.



Create activities on vehicle to remind drivers or yourself to perform some actions.


Adding stages to manage status of cars (on order, deprecated, ...)



Subtasks can be out of a project to be used. See at a glance for the allocated hours and the hours spent both on the parent task and its children.


Starting steps have been improved to ease user adoption.


Project templates for auto-created projects.

Timesheets and Forecast


You can now create a SO and Invoice from the project app itself (project overview).

Employee rate

Different employees can now timesheet on the same project/task at different rates.


A project can now be forecasted by day, week or month.


Pivot view to compare timesheets and forecasts.

Planned hours

When the ordered quantity of a sales order line is updated, the planned hours of the corresponding task are updated accordingly.

Times Units

Employees can now choose which time unit they want to encode their time-sheets, hours or days.

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