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September 6, 2017
Features of Odoo 12 (Manufacturing)
October 6, 2018

Features of Odoo 12 (Customer Engagement)

Customers can easily opt out from your mailing lists. In the back-end, users can also blacklist email addresses so that the customer no longer receives any mass email from your system....


Configuration Bar

Configure your sales app in a few clicks to start sending real quotations in no time.

Delivery Date

Requesting a specific delivery date from the sales order is easier.


Ability to edit invoicing and shipping addresses of a confirmed order.

Sections & Notes

Add sections and notes on the fly to give a professional and neat structure to your quotations and invoices.

Sales Reports

The sales reports have been unified with all the sales teams including Point of Sale.


Use building blocks to build a quotation builder. Set a default validity duration and have standardized template offers.

Online Sales

New screen for customers to sign or pay their quotations. You can also combine signature & payment to strengthen the customer commitment.


In case of stockout in the selected warehouse, Odoo will tell you in which warehouse you can pick available products.

Email Marketing

Outgoing Email Server

Use a specific email server to send mass mailings. It is useful to avoid having the main mail server reported as spam.

Blacklist & Opt-out

Customers can easily opt out from your mailing lists. In the backend, users can also blacklist email addresses so that the customer no longer receives any mass email from your system.


You can now see the # of clicks in the measures of the analysis menu of sent emails. New stat buttons on emails to see the leads/opportunities & sales orders they generated.

Plain Text Emails

Write plain text emails that look more personal, with the same easiness than traditional email software.

UTM Tracking

Complete end-to-end marketing ROI tracking with UTMs on emails, website, leads, opportunities, quotations, sales orders, invoices, and their respective reports.

Mailing Lists

You are now able to merge mailing lists.



Add events to calendar after the subscription.

Twitter Wall

CIntegrated tool to run tweets during your events.

Cohort View

Keep an eye the registration progress of your events and compare with previous events thanks to the new cohort view made available in attendees lists.

Point of Sale


Configure taxes, pricing and payments from Point of sales settings.


The PoS box has been replaced by the IoT box.



As helpdesk teams may have different working schedules, SLA is now defined at the team level.


New attachment field has been added by default on the ticket submission form. The attachments are logged in the chatter of the ticket for easier access.


Partner Autocomplete

Autocomplete partner information from a list of matching contacts or VAT #.


Dashboard views have been added in order to analyze lead generation and conversion at a glance.

Domain Selector for Lead Scoring

Setting a domain on incoming leads is now way easier with the new domain selector.


Followers of sales teams are notified at the creation of a new lead. The first user follows the default sales team.

Sales Teams

Sales Channels have been renamed into “Sales Teams”.

Reveal (IaP)

Turn website visits into leads using their IP address.


Starting tips have been improved to facilitate user onboarding: customize the pipeline, create an opportunity, schedule activities, and more.

e Commerce

Configuration Bar

Get your payment methods and taxes configured in a few clicks to run your eCommerce.


Analyze your online sales using all the filter, grouping and comparison possibilities of new dashboard views.


Print and send codes to customers with a dedicated mail template.


The checkout experience has been considerably optimized: quicker, easier, fully responsive. The new checkout flow will positively impact your sales!


Better design. Free sign up is also the new default mode for customer portal accounts.

VAT number

A customer can set company data and VAT number in the checkout or portal interface as long as a first order is not confirmed.

Zoom on product images

Zoom on product images has been revamped. It applies to any picture allowing a 50% zoom. The zoom feature is also a configurable option: no zoom, on click, on hover.



Manage several websites from Odoo, each with different themes, URLs, pages, products, blogs, etc.

Custom Color Picker

Define custom colors for your website components (background, header, footer, text & icons, highlight, etc.).

Customize Themes

New generic screen to customize the look and feel of your website: branding colors, layout (full width, boxed), fonts, etc.

Building Blocks

Business-oriented content, new customization possibilities. New building blocks have also been added. Quickly customize the height by adding padding. Add or remove columns easily.

SEO Wizard

New SEO wizard with a new keyword tab to spot which part of content to improve in your pages (titles, descriptions, texts, H1, H2). Ability to set images for social share.

Media Manager

Choosing background pictures is quicker thanks to a direct access to the new media manager.


New option on website topbar menu to embed it in the first block of the page for a better visual harmony. Keep the website menu visible when scrolling down.


Find beautiful free images to build your pages thanks to the Unsplash search in the media manager.

Web Master

The website backend has been redesigned for an easier navigation and configuration. Revamped app store, to install new features more easily.


Customize dynamic pictures by double-clicking to edit them. Import images from URL. Crop, flip, rotate images. Find images from Unplash.

Drop Areas

Areas to drop snippets or to set pictures have been improved for a better design experience.

Better Logo Sizing

The company logo is now displayed in full size in the top menu.


The automatic website footer has been replaced by a fully customizable one.


You can now structure blog tags by category to ease the navigation.


When archiving a forum, URL of related topics are deactivated making forum pages no longer searchable.


New building block to show a Facebook fan page widget on your website.

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