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November 28, 2020
Project Management Odoo 14 Features
November 28, 2020

Odoo 14 Features - PURCHASE

Options are added on Vendor Bills

There are 2 options are added on Vendor Bills

Post Automatically

Here when this option is enabled, related Vendor Bill will be automatically posted on the date of Vendor Bill.

To Check

Here when a user is not sure about rest of all information then he/she can enable this option on Vendor Bill to recheck it again later on.

Purchase Dashboard

Now Dashboard is provided at Purchase application.

Purchase Order – Ask confirmation

Odoo will ask for confirmation that is products are delivered by that related Vendor or not?
Odoo users can easily send reminders to Vendors with predefined Email Templates

Purchase users can now make RFQ/Purchase orders Starred, so based on that they will prioritize it

The immense capability of Odoo ERP system is that it’s available to deploy on your own private network or on Cloud and can be easily used in web browser to do the job.

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