Alfresco Integration

Every business looking to take its next step heavily hinges upon two things- customer management and document management. Both are massive undertakings and more often than not becomes a smart way to identify pros from amateurs. Luckily we have Odoo ERP to handle both managements. We have got Odoo ERP, the most Open Source popular customer relationship management tool, and we have Alfresco, one of the most popular document management and enterprise content management tool available. They are two different tools with different capabilities but there are ways they get together to give you something never tasted before.

Imagine a solution that has easy-to-use features and analytics capabilities of Odoo ERP but also has document management capabilities of Alfresco. The system sounds good doesn’t it? Its not that far-fetched, all you would have to do is integrate Alfresco with Odoo ERP, and you have a solution that combines best of the both worlds. Odoo integration with Alfresco, a leading giant of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) system, to enhance operation of organization with legitimate documentation. This integration will administer the document within the organization with tightly secured and maintaining structure of documentation with identically accessible to the concern.

In an organization, there are various type of documents are created, saved, modified and deleted; which are kept as Paper copy or electronically. This documents are speculative to reach to unethical identity. To overcome such situation, Alfresco integration will be a favorable solution. As per business, the document formats will vary and its importance as well. Like a construction firm has Engineering Drawings and Warehouse has invoices, Bills and Emails too with various document extensions. This integration will intelligent enough to store all complex document format. At any point, if the document is altered then the system will save it with statistical information so that in future document creator or top management can recognise status of document as well as its update.

The alliance with Alfresco, need proper and pertinent setup by Content Management Interoperability Service (CMIS) prior to start and is easily possible with some clicks. Once the setup done, then the feature will save the particulars at its place handy to relevant. This will preserve a copy of the same in local hard disk and concurrently it will be saved in server too. The Role of the user is distinguished in various category as per position of incumbent and the document creation, deletion, edition rights will be shared with users accordingly. This will enable, important document to be corrupted or mishandled by the foreign user.

Our Solution

Alfresco enables you to manage your Odoo ERP documents' entire lifecycle from creation to completion, ensuring they stay secure and compliant throughout the process.

  • Allow your sales team to upload documents to Alfresco directly from Odoo ERP. No need to re-train your team to learn a new application.
  • Automate your document processes using Alfresco’s powerful folder rules and workflow capabilities.
  • Collaborate and easily share your Odoo ERP documents. Invite customers to review contract changes directly during negotiation for faster turnaround times to close deals.
  • Enable compliance on your documents via our Records Management module to ensure documents are locked and archived for future reference once signed off.
  • Archive your Odoo ERP content and make it fully searchable outside Odoo ERP via Alfresco. Allow users to search documents based on the Odoo ERP record data as well as the text inside the document itself.

Accelerate your deal cycles by applying automation, workflows and collaboration to your Odoo ERP content.

Ensure you’re legally compliant once your documents are signed off and stored in Alfresco.

Sales people don't manage documents. Alfresco does.

Today, many sales teams share their documents via email, resulting in critical paperwork piling up in everyone’s inboxes, confusion on versions, and lack of a single view on where paperwork is in the process.

This results in deals taking longer, more mistakes and deals slipping ultimately affecting your bottom line.

Alfresco’s Odoo ERP Connector solves your content pain by applying powerful search, workflow and collaboration to your Odoo ERP documents, streamlining your sales processes to close more deals faster.

Alfresco - Odoo Configuration

After defining location of Alfresco, user name, password it will be easy to read & write Alfresco files.

Update - Edit - Delete

Once the job is successfully exported, then it can be updated, edited or can be deleted.

Adding attachments to Alfresco

With click of a button documents from any project or task are successfully exported to Alfresco side.

Alfresco related job creation in odoo

After it is exported to Alfresco side, then relative job will go to done state & It will also define technical information related to the job.

Adding document from Alfresco to Odoo

User can transfer download attachments from Alfresco to Odoo and can search relevant documents in Odoo.

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