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Focus on content production, forget the tedious back-end

Develop your content marketing strategy Simply sit down and be start writing. Odoo Blog will allow you to get started in no time. Our easy-to-use drag & drop feature will give you a blog with attractive design that’s mobile-friendly and looks great out-of-the-box.

Visualize as you type: Odoo's unique 'edit inline' approach makes creating a blog surprisingly easy. No code required, what you see is really what you get.

Building blocks system: Create your page from scratch by dragging and dropping pre-made, fully customizable building blocks. Easily put floating image inside your text block. Get a website with modern design in seconds.

Categories & Tags: Allow people to browse through categories and tags: help people find the content they are looking for more quickly.

Authorship: Easily select the name of a co-worker to grant blog post authorship.

Engage & Retain

ERP CMS Integration

Bootstrap themes: Embed your blog in your Odoo CMS website and easily design your own Odoo templates thanks to a clean HTML structure and a bootstrap CSS.

Fluid grid layout: Odoo CMS building blocks use a responsive, mobile-friendly fluid grid system that allows you to create the best layout corresponding to the devices on which the website is displayed.

Multiple pages version management: Save and manage multiple versions of a page in a single space.

Automated translation: Get professional standard translations using professional translators. Odoo will update any edits you make to your master page in your website’s other languages.

Ensure your visitors have the best experience due to our responsive design. Adapt and optimize your content to be viewed on all devices.

Live chat embedded: Provide your visitors with information in real time directly on your website. No need for special chat servers as a pop-up chat window appears on the screen as soon as someone visits your website.


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