Magento Integration

The Odoo ERP Integration extension allows you to smoothly integrate your Magento website with Odoo ERP solution. All key data is synchronized automatically between Magento and Odoo ERP, completely eliminating any possibility of data loss.

With the Odoo ERP Integration extension, orders placed on your Magento website are automatically imported into your Odoo ERP system while product updates made in Odoo ERP are transferred in real-time to your web store. The fast synchronization process is flawless, which allows to handle up to thousands of orders and stock updates every day.

With Odoo ERP you can efficiently manage stock, purchasing, and order fulfillment. All these professional features are Odooin the Magento admin panel, which allows for synchronization without any additional software. In contrast to other Odoo ERP systems, Odoo ERP is designed for Magento and it is specialized for e-commerce processes and thus functions perfectly with Magento work flows.

Benefits of Odoo ERP - Magento integration

Data synchronization: All key data (products, prices, stock, orders, customers, etc.) is synchronized automatically between both systems.

Security: If the Magento installation is running on https/SSL, the data between the Odoo ERP system and Magento will also go over this encrypted connection, making the data synchronization and transition between Odoo ERP and a Magento web store absolutely anonymous and secure.

Reliability: The information provided by the Odoo ERP system will be received by the website (and vice versa) right as it was given. Any error occurred initiates a warning email sending. Updates from Odoo ERP to Magento are queued up in Magento, making sure no data is lost.

Independence: Due to the independence of Magento website and Odoo ERP system, any breakdown occurred at any side does not influence the other.

What data is synchronized?

Products: When a new item (simple or configurable) is added to the Odoo ERP system, it is automatically transferred to Magento. The product SKU, name, price, description and stock is taken from Odoo ERP and can be later edited in your website backend. Also any other fields from the Odoo ERP system can be extracted and updated/imported into Magento as long as the Odoo ERP supplier is able to extract the data into the product CSV format.

Images: The Odoo ERP Integration extension continuously checks and updates all new images from a dedicated folder where the Odoo ERP system is running over to Magento. This feature supports both exact SKU filenames (i.e sku.jpg) and multiple product images using sku_1.jpg (main image), sku_2.jpg, sku_3.jpg, etc.

Stock/Price Updates: Stock and price changes made in Odoo ERP can be automatically and continuously sent to Magento keeping your website information up-to-date.

Online Orders: New orders are imported from Magento to the Odoo ERP system and then order statuses are updated back from Odoo ERP to Magento. The integration supports fetching orders, invoices and credit memos from Magento.

Supply Chain Integration: Integrating your operations directly with your supplier gives you the ability to streamline order fulfillment and reduce costs.

  • Drop ship Magento orders directly to suppliers to never run out of stock
  • Implement vendor managed inventory to streamline your supply chain
  • Integrate with third-party logistics like Fedex, USPS, UPS

Integrate Magento with Odoo ERP Accounting Systems

Automate the data entry between your Odoo ERP accounting systems and your Magento webstore.

Save time from manual data entry into your backend systems.

Odoo ERP covers 4 essential domains

  • Stock management: it supports multiple warehouses, inventory tracking, stock level alerts, barcodes, and sales histories.
  • Purchasing: it manages supply levels (backorders and preferred stock levels), suppliers, and purchase orders.
  • Order preparation: it allows for mass order fulfillment, picking, mass print, and shipping labels.
  • Product availability, order planning: it provides advanced product availability messages and order forecasts to estimate a delivery date for customers.

Odoo ERP is 100% open source, and can be customized to fit perfectly with your business requirements.

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