Assignment Management

One of the major activities involved in the appraisal of students is assignment evaluation. The Assignment Management is designed to facilitate this task and streamline it for the faculty and the students. Assignments and Projects can be created online by providing a commencing date and submission date by the faculty. Students can also submit the project online as soon as they have completed it. Documents can be directly uploaded by students for grading by the faculty. Faculty can also grade the project which will then be communicated to the student. This makes it easier for the faculty to keep track of submissions and grade them accordingly. The grades are also automatically synced with the results connected to the profile of the student.

Even other necessary course-work and handouts can be updated on the module which gives students access to all the required course work on the internet. The assignment module also helps students by giving them reminders about deadlines which can be accessed across platforms as the data is synced seamlessly. Students can also create to-do lists, integrate their schedule through calendars and keep track of assignments, classes and other events that are scheduled.

Assignment Scheduling

Faculty can create and schedule assignments online. As soon as the assignment is created, students get a notification with the submission deadlines. Students can update assignments as soon as they make progress.

Calendar Integration

The assignments and the deadlines are integrated with the calendar available on the module. This can help students in scheduling their activities and make sure that they can make their assignments and projects in time. Even a to-do list is integrated into the module which contains the assignments and programs.

Assignment Submission

Projects or assignments can also be submitted online. A multitude of file formats accepted with file sizes up to 25 MB. The faculty can view the assignments as soon as they are submitted. The faculty can also view how many students have already submitted or their current stage of work.

Synchronized Across Multiple Platforms

All deadlines and other information can be easily synchronized across platforms to give access to information on mobile or computer. Synchronization across platforms allows the users to view their progress from multiple locations and devices.

Synchronized With Other Modules

As soon as an assignment is received by a faculty and it is graded, that data is immediately transferred to the student's grade's in projects and assignment's. This reduces repeated data entries and increases transparency with the grading system.

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