Canteen Management

Easy Contract Management

Contracts are easily made and students are allowed to select their contract duration like monthly or yearly. They have a choice like refundable or non-refundable contract. Also refund facility is available for skipped meals.

Easy Student attendance with description

This system easily maintains students' day by day attendance by default monthly basis as well as duration basis. The canteen staff have to just input entries like number of meals or no shows. They can also update meal entry once the record is saved.

Guest food management

At times student may come with guests so at the time of contract creation student is allowed to tick for guest entries. So if there are more than 1 meal then it will automatically consider the rest of the meals in guest entry. Also facilitates us to separately generate guest invoice at monthly basis.

Food complaint management with Unique ID & and easy solution

If students have complains about meal quality or about menu. They just have to log an entry in complaints menu. When a complaint is solved then the student will be informed about that.

Statistics Attendance Report

Canteen manager can easily export the student attendance report by just Selecting different student contracts and also by their analytical account, it will provide a clear statistical view based on selected time period.

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