Faculty Management

SyncEdu has come up with Faculty Management module to ease the burden on Faculty members who are taking on more responsibilities each and every day. Considering their busy schedule it’s critical to maximize their time in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Faculty profile

An educational institution's biggest asset is the faculty. Faculty management module aids with profiling of faculties that are currently employed by the institution.

Profiling of faculties ensures allocation of courses based on skills and qualifications. It also ensures of skill sets of faculties which value to the institution. Administration can also keep a track on the assignments and workloads assigned to different faculties.

Feedback Management

Students feedback can be directly synchronized here to allow for effective monitoring of student's appraisal of their faculty. Students can be asked for their feedback at a specific time which could be monthly or after every semester or yearly. The portal supports ratings from students which can be aggregated into the profile of the faculty.

Attendance and leave

Faculties can apply for leave through this portal which is then forwarded to the administrator for approval. Faculties' attendance can also be tracked from this portal. This portal encourages staff to plan their leaves in advance and improve punctuality to bring efficiency in the organization.

Career Portal

Maintaining and servicing contracts of faculties is an important administrative task. The career portal acts as a repository of all contracts, promotions, salary slips, employee history etc which can be accessed easily by the administration. Notifications can be scheduled for events such as Start & End of contract or renewal. Based on performance appraisals; bonus or promotions can also be directly sanctioned from the module.

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