Time Table Management

Periods Management

Manages periods by Name, Subject, Assigned hours and their related sequence. Efficiently periods management by their names, assigned hours and their related sequence.

Generate Time Table

Time table can be generated by selecting course, semester, subjects, periods and classes with start and end date and duration, accordingly time table is prepared.

user can easily select courses, batches, semesters, subjects, periods, classes and will define start date and end date duration then will select subjects and then time table will be prepared for those duration.

Weekly Time Table

Weekly time table can be schedule with courses, batches, semester, subjects, periods and class details, after feeding details the system automatically generates weekly time table.

Faculty can schedule weekly time table by entering courses, batches, semesters, subjects, periods, classes details and the related periods will be automatically generated for weekly duration.

Time Table Management

Once the time table is generated for daily, weekly and monthly schedule and displayed, they are divided into day wise, which becomes easy for the faculty to analyze the details.

Settled time tables for daily and weekly duration will be displayed here, time tables will be divided day wise so that it will be easy to analyze details for faculties.


Time table reports can be exported by faculty wise or class wise in PFD format, which can be printed.

Faculties can export time table reports either by faculty wise or classes wise, reports will be exported in PDF formats and can be easily printed.

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