Media & Entertainment Industries

Our ERP solution for the media and entertainment industry provides a comprehensive view of your content supply chain and IP rights. You will benefit from complete workflow management to control document approvals, full contact management to help manage relationships, and the ability to easily calculate royalties.

ERP system is a special program that offers an integrated solution for planning, control, registration and analysis of all shares of the company’s activities in a real time environment.

Production management and planning system: It helps plan and operate all the industrial processes to make sure that they move on smoothly at the required levels.

Electronic document database: It is a special place where all the information concerning clients, employees, present and previous contracts is stored.

Finance management module: Assists to sort all accounting and financial data and to keep it in one place available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Market management and planning system: It provides the ability to create and maintain the value for clients and company’s profit and assists to develop a number of key analytical tools to facilitate managers’ understanding of operating crucial strategic issues and decisions.

Contracts management and planning system: It is a special module that contains the most important information about the client and helps control all the actions within the terms and conditions of contract performance.

Staff management system: Shortens the period of time spent on administrative work and provides the company with special programs on performance evaluation, employee contact information, duties, working hours, etc.

Statistics module: Collects and analyses all the information about financial, accounting, sales, inventory and quality control procedures, departments’ and employees’ efficiency, etc.

Timekeeping and payroll system: It is a module that helps check the employees’ attendance and number of worked hours, examine their time sheets and run payroll calculations.

Integration with other systems: Communication channels allows stay in touch both with customers and company’s departments.

Service management system: Controls the quality of service presented and reports about violations.

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