Public Sector Industries

Good governance emphatically expects that Governments and its associated bodies are accountable, transparent, effective, efficient, participatory and consensus oriented. Considering that citizens’ expectations from governance are growing, Governments are trying to leverage the power of Information & Communication and Technology (ICT) as a business transformation tool to effectively and efficiently manage all kinds of resources, provide high quality services on time and deliver consistently accurate and professionally managed decisions across its associated organizational machinery.

As a public sector organization you must contend with several operational factors: operating with fiscal accountability, delivering service reliability, maintaining assets and infrastructure and optimizing your workforce. To meet these challenges, you need business systems that are simple and straightforward to use, and that contribute to efficiency by streamlining operations to help cut costs.

The robust growth in banking and financial services can be ensured with operational efficiency and scale of operations. We are closely involved in areas like operations consulting, business process outsourcing, management, and application development to drive better results to help bank to get enhanced revenues and efficiencies.

The Suite offers a range of product to effectively transform your existing IT infrastructure into a more flexible business process platform, so that you can continue to meet your citizen’s expectations, substantially cut operational expenditures, improve service delivery and transparency, implement policies or move towards large scale technology transformation.

ERP covers a full spectrum of Governance processes including Financial Management, Budgeting Planning & Execution, Debt Management, Project Management & Accounting, Procurement, Human Capital Management, Citizen Services and Analytics.

ERP for Public Service Industries is designed to address these needs and modern day challenges faced by Government entities.

ERP for Public Service Industries understands the challenges of government offices and agencies and offers insights to help you improve your accounting systems and address issues such as:

  • Information that is tracked in multiple databases or offline files requiring redundant data entry.
  • Challenges reporting on multiple bases and automated CAFR reporting.
  • Your organization has outgrown a legacy system with limited reporting functionality.
  • Budget, procure and manage your costs efficiently.
  • You lack the tools to control spending by encumbering or pre-encumbering funds at the time of purchase or the time of requisition.

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