What can you do with Odoo Forum?

Anticipate your customers’ needs:

  • Spot and take advantage of the hot topics.
  • Keep track of your customers’ needs and wishes by analysing the hottest, most viewed and most shared topics. The forum is integrated with Google Analytics to help you keep track of likes and shares - even outside of your website.

Build your own documentation library:

  • Reuse remarkable answers from your community.
  • Turn the best answers into official documentation in just one click with the ‘Promote to documentation’ tool.

Provide outstanding customer satisfaction

Improve your product support and reduce your workload


Grant badges: Reward your active contributors with badges according to their participation.

Karma Points: Give members points for participation to keep them active and give them access to new functionalities.

Grant access to more tools: Allow access to functions like vote, comment and edit when participants reach a certain level of Karma.

Profile personalization: Members can create a profile to showcase their work and wisdom.

Stand out from the crowd

Search any topic: Insert any keyword and find all content related to it.

Filter by tags: Use tags to help filter questions and answers related to the same topic.

Sort content: Organize by relevance, last activity date, newest, most answered, most voted.

Highlight questions: Each conversation you follow or that hasn’t received an answer is highlighted for better accessibility.

Post anything

Ask questions & give answers: Simply register on the forum to post questions and answer existing ones.

Share link: Submit interesting content from any website to the whole community and start regular discussions threads.

Start discussions: Receive and share insightful information and advice on any topic.

Edit & correct: Improve your submitted questions, comments and answer even after their publication.

Enrich discussion: Embed videos and images to your messages.

Email gateway: Answer any follow-up email straight from your mailbox.

Notifications: Subscribe to interesting content and get email alerts when a new answer is posted.


Upvote / downvote answers: Members rate the quality of the contributions to give the best ones high visibility.

Avoid spam: Ensure all participants respect rules and that your forums don’t get spammed with our Karma reward point system.

Edit & delete: Keep an eye on what is shared and make sure everything is done according your rules.

Registered-only: Avoid one-time participants and spam by making participants registration mandatory.


Fully integrated with other Apps


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