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Customer relationship management dictates the long term growth and brand development of an organization. After sale services is increasingly being used as a yardstick to judge an organizations commitment to its customers. Help desk ticket Management Module is Odoo's primary solution towards managing after sales services for consumers.

We at Synconics technologies have enhanced the basic module provided by Odoo with the addition of many critical features. Present day consumer relationship management demands for a multiple platform approach with consumer complaints and feedback to be integrated from website, social media, telephonic, e-mail or at company doorstep itself. The redesigned module developed by Synconics is suitable for various industries like ISP, Hardware or Software Service Provider, Network support, Home appliances or Machine Repairing Services, Manufacturer, Wholesale Dealers etc.

Let's have a quick intro on the salient features of the product:

Ticket - Case - Issue

A Ticket is a Product for a Help Desk Management System. Managing a Ticket is relatively equivalent to manage a product

Client will thrive if the service to their solution will be furnished dedicatedly and timely. In Ticket Management, mainly we consider that each and every customer should be in contact, be in touch by phone or mail so that they feel that the issues raised by them are under process.

Team Management

Managing a team is an important task in Ticket Management System. Vital part of Team Management is to understand the resource and integrate them with each other so that the legitimate on time solution can be provided. To bring some individuals and get the tasks done by them precisely being in team following the company specific guideline is crucial.

Speaking to customer, finding competent staff and in which team such staff to be accommodated and which team will react on startup of solution, who is to be assigned for various type of issues are having major role in the Team Management.

Multi Channel

In the eyes of a typical customer, a company and its support are always available. They can always leave a message, for example by leaving a post on Face book and they also expect an answer. It doesn't matter that the customer asked the question from a gas station, in the middle of the night while waiting for their car to refuel.

If a contact option is available on the website, they will expect an answer. The growing number of mobile users (more than desktop now!) opens up new avenues for marketers to reach a wider audience. However, it also leads to new support difficulties for companies.

Customer Self Service

Customer service does not only mean your support staff has to answer queries or resolve issues. As an enterprise, you need to enable your customers to gather resolutions for queries and get expert advice/knowledge on issues, without having to involve your support agents.

Showcase your IT service catalogue in the self-service portal and allow users to easily pick and choose required services. This will reduce walk-ins, calls, and duplicate tickets by making company-wide or user-specific announcements of outages and planned maintenance.

Dashboard , Reporting and Billing

Gather full overview with life-cycle reports. Synconics also has a life-cycle reports feature for you to see the complete history of a ticket including time spent on each status, the current assignee, status and date of creation.

Thus you can track how your tickets are being handled and use the insight to optimize your support process. Data is key to making informed decisions, especially in the context of customer support. But filtering through a lot of available data can be daunting and time consuming.

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