Customer Self Service

Customer service does not only mean your support staff has to answer queries or resolve issues. As an enterprise, you need to enable your customers to gather resolutions for queries and get expert advice/knowledge on issues, without having to involve your support agents.

Showcase your IT service catalogue in the self-service portal and allow users to easily pick and choose required services. This will reduce walk-ins, calls, and duplicate tickets by making company-wide or user-specific announcements of outages and planned maintenance. Customize the self-service portal experience by specifying role-based access like – provide permissions for end users on knowledge base articles, ticket templates, service catalogue items and announcements.

Customer Self Service Portal

Empowering the consumer to interact better with with I.T services being offered by your organization will bring profitability in the long term. Customers can be given access to view status on tickets, access knowledge base articles, chat access with designated teams and support staff which gives your customer an equal stake in the solving the issue.

Customer could also be given an option to form an account through which they can manage all their interactions with the company. Keeping user updated through automated notification about the organization's efforts to solve their issue keeps them reassured and in the loop. Letting the customers drive your after-sale services build a friendly brand image.

Help Desk Community Forums

Facilitating consumers to interact with each other and solve issues promotes a sense of ownership and attachment to the community. A diverse and motivated community can promote the products and the organization.

Customers could initiate discussions, post blogs and questions. All that the organization has to do is facilitate and allow the community to market the product.

Customer Web Portal

Customers are now expecting an online repository where they can access solutions to common issues which a user can solve without assistance from a technician.

This portal can also enable customers to submit ticket, generate reports etc which will need administrative approval. consumers can add and track their own tickets bringing transparency and demonstrating what the organization is actively doing to solve their issue.

Customer Surveys

Customer Satisfaction with a company's help desk has a significant impact on the business. Help Desk forms an integral part of the company's after sales service and customer engagement which can build lasting relationships.

Tracking customer satisfaction and reviews can statistically link it with your help desk performance. Identification of most satisfied and least satisfied customer and then subsequent analysis yields valuable information facilitating you to provide better services.

Knowledge Base

Developing a robust repository of knowledge that is available online to the customers to use and modify is an indicator of the commitment of the organization towards the product and the customer.

This knowledge base can also help in sorting preliminary issues that the customer is experiencing. Implementation of solutions can also be linked with the knowledge base which can help in its implementation by the customer.

Suggested FAQ Articles

Having solutions to a list of frequently asked questions can lessen the workload that is on the customer support staff. The number of in-bound customers can be shelved by redirecting them to the FAQ portal based on their issues based on a keyword search criteria. Not just the organization but even other customers can contribute to the FAQ articles which will be monitored by an administrator.

Sharing Information With Customers Online

The internet has become a major channel for disbursement of information. Updates regarding changes to services, updation of products, information about new products etc can be directly updated on their websites, other consumer forums, blogs etc.

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