A Ticket is a Product for a Help Desk Management System. Managing a Ticket is relatively equivalent to manage a product. Client will thrive if the service to their solution will be furnished delicately and timely. In Ticket Management, mainly we consider that each and every customer should be in contact, be in touch by phone or mail so that they feel that the issues raised by them are under process.

If the ticket is unsolved by a single technician then by when it should be converted in to team of more than one technician and even after team if Ticket remain unsolved then the escalation process to be done. In short, the client should be satisfied on time with precise assistance through intervention or guidance of Technical Expert.

An Automated Ticketing System / Tickets & Tasks

Syncdesk helps you save time and manual efforts by allocating ticket management tasks like routing as per pre-defined conditions like criticallity of issue, management of multiple departments, email to ticket generation, SMS alerts etc.

Unique Id to Each Ticket / Ticket Generation

The help disk will track and identify the source of generation of ticket and will accordingly assign a unique id to the ticket that an be useful in segregation and identification. The numbering system will be based on 16 characters which will be alphanumerical.

It will contain the platform source of the ticket (through mail, website, social media etc), date of ticket generation, random system generated identification number & the current status of the ticket (work in progress, more than one member allotted and escalation of ticket from junior team to a senior team member).

Ticket Prioritization

Automating prioritizing tickets allows helpdesk staff to address raised tickets as per the level of urgency. Syncdesk is an easy to use helpdesk module making operations streamlined based on the priority, taking into consideration defined SLAs for closing tickets based on ticket resolution time.

This also helps to easily organize the tickets, update the status of tickets, and keep users updated on the progress. Support teams can save time and operational costs and also improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Integrate with CRM / Sales and Account

ERP works on effective integration of different departments. Mails sent to the more information handle (eg info@abc.com) can be listed down. A support manager could segregate the list and convert them to a ticket and assigned it to the required department.

Additionally any actions taken on the ticket are documented for easy appraisal of case history.If case support is provided on a contractual basis then the same could be updated on the database, which notifies the amount of paid service that is remaining to be serviced. Even client could be given permission to close the ticket when they are satisfied.

Brand Management

Based on the clients location, service and requirement; approving managers and monitoring board's can be formed. Clients receive a notification when creating a ticket if approval is required. Approver receive an email notifying them of the pending request.

Approver can approve or deny directly from email or via the web interface. Reminder intervals can be set for pending approvals so that tickets are handled in a timely manner. Once approved or denied both approver and end user receive an automated reminder notification.

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