Team Management

Managing a team is an important task in Ticket Management System. Vital part of Team Management is to understand the resource and integrate them with each other so that the legitimate on time solution can be provided. To bring some individuals and get the tasks done by them precisely being in team following the company specific guideline is crucial.

Speaking to customer, finding competent staff and in which team such staff to be accommodated and which team will react on startup of solution, who is to be assigned for various type of issues are having major role in the Team Management. This will not only increase the confidence in team itself but the positive wave will benefit the company as well as customer in future. For Company it will give revenue and reputation at the same time client will be satisfied with the service provided to them on line and on time.

Case Assignment

Over time agents gain valuable experiences in specific technical areas which could be leveraged to allot the right case to the right agent. Every Customer wishes for a detailed and comprehensive response & solution to their issues. Team management can improve efficiency and help in leveraging resources in the most optimal manner.

Escalation Management

Monitoring of ticket resolution is essential for quality maintenance and consumer satisfaction. Some issues based on the critical, have to be escalated to senior management for efficient redressal. Escalation can also be automated based on predefined criteria which can be tracked to highlight a particular ticketed issue.

Team Collaboration

Some issues demand a collaborative response by the organization. A specific team or technician might not be able to satisfactorily address the issue. The Help-desk facilitates co-ordination as tickets can be marked with an assistance markup and sent another team for assistance.

Instead of directing customer from one department to another, inter-functional co-ordination within the organization can lead to faster and more efficient response times and better satisfaction.

Service Level Agreements

SLA stands for service level agreements which defines the extent and level of service that a particular ticket calls for. Many organizations have different packages for providing support and it is essential that priority clients are handled with the level of commitment that has been agreed upon. Integrating SLA with the help desk will help in effective classification of tickets and will send notifications when the level of expectations that a customer has, arent fulfilled. For this factors like time-period, level of engagement, medium of contact etc can be set.

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