Quality Management Software


Control Points: Automatically trigger quality checks for the manufacturing department.

Quality Checks: Deploy your statistical process control easily with checks.

Quality Alerts: Organize your work using the kanban view of quality alerts.

Quality Control Points

Your partner in the APQP journey

Define quality control plans to trigger quality checks at specific inventory operations (receiving and final inspection) or manufacturing operations (in-process inspection).

Set up in-process, final and receiving inspections based on a quality control plan.

Define quality control plans to trigger in-process, final, and receiving inspections.

Manage and track production part approval process (PPAP) submissions. Configure your statistical process control (SPC). Attach process failure mode and effects analysis (PFMEA) documents to routings.

Manage Quality Alerts

With a great user interface

You will love organizing your quality alerts in Odoo's clean kanban interface. Drag and drop alerts to report progress and use visual indicators to focus on critical alerts.

Use tags to categorize quality alerts and create rules to automate alerts or actions. Categorize by addressee (design, supplier, process), by requestor (customer, main line, sub line) and more.

Fully Integrated

With inventory and manufacturing operations

Total Productive Maintenance

To improve quality

Forget about syncing EBoM and MBoM. Odoo aligns every department on the same documents so you can track changes efficiently across multiple versions.

The manufacturing department can trigger quality alerts and maintenance requests directly from their workcenter control panel. When action is taken, the right people be notified in real time.

Better communication means less manufacturing downtime and more efficient operations.

Incoming Product Quality Inspection

Odoo apps - Version 12 - Community Edition

Only impeccable raw materials and semi-finished products that fulfill defined quality requirements may be used in the production process. Therefore, high inspection standards are needed for incoming goods.

To reduce non-conformance costs, a comprehensive inspection of incoming goods is important to verify if the material arrived in good condition at your warehouse. The goods will be accepted in the stock through systematic incoming inspection, based on business rules which comply with existing business processes and regulations.

This application provides functionality for quality inspections on incoming product's (Receipts). It can be configured with different control points and its parameters product wise. It also provides quality alert report with/without barcode and product lot number wise. The quality issues caused by suppliers are identified before they reach your production, not later when it's too late.

Incoming Product Quality Inspection Report

Odoo apps - Version 12 - Community Edition

Purchase Inspections Reports

This application provides functionality to generate purchase inspection excel report.

Key Features :

  • Incoming inspections report can be generated for products, purchase orders and receipt orders.
  • The products which fail to pass the inspection report are highlighted in red color.
  • Multiple products inspection report sheet can be generated in single excel file.

Quality Inspection during Manufacturing

Odoo apps - Version 12 - Community Edition

Quality control is essential to building a successful business that delivers products that meet or exceed customers' expectations. It also forms the basis of an efficient business that minimizes waste and operates at high levels of productivity. It ensures that customers receive products free from defects and meet their needs.

In order to make sure your products will pass quality control inspections, you need to ensure proper conditions and procedures at the production facility. Auditing and inspecting these factories to ensure they meet your rigorous standards is a critical step toward perfect product, but there's still a chance that issues will slip through the cracks and cause your product to be rejected or labelled as unsafe.

Finally, inspection software helps you implement a documentation management program, so you can be sure that every QC inspection is ready and available to prove your compliance when necessary.

Quality Inspection during Manufacturing Report

Odoo apps - Version 12 - Community Edition

Once this module is installed in Odoo community edition, on single click you can generate product quality report at every production stage. You can configure as many reports for work orders you need. In-progress inspection report can track product, production order, control point, work order and lot number with highlighted failed parameters, etc. Also we can cross check with actual parameters with minimum & maximum tolerance.

Hence we can check on-going production at any stage and monitor the progress of quality of the production. Final production quality inspection report ensure to achieve the desired results. This report is generated in Excel.

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