Employee Management

Time Tracking & Attendance

ERP on Odoo simplifies workforce management by configuring workflows, processes, and work rules in a single organization -driven application. It also allows you to control labor costs and compliance risks through integration with Workday HCM and Payroll. It will also increase accountability by maintaining work put in by staff and also of overtime. Staff will also have access to history of their own attendances through a user portal.

Timesheet Management

Timesheet displays the relevant information regarding the working hours, attendance, overtime, holidays etc which is user-friendly. Approval processes in the organization for leaves can be customized as per client's interest which could either be as per the project, routing, multi-level or project based. Employees as well as employer can track application of leave bringing efficiency and transparency.

Overtime Management

Work allotted to an employee can vary in quantity. After assessment of the work, allocation of time can be decided by a superior. The manager can approve any overtime that is required by the project. The ERP platform can keep a record of the input times and also on the projects on which employees are spending their time on. A policy can be set where the superior has to approve of all the over-times.

Employee Bonus

Monitoring and disbursement of bonuses to employees based on set parameters in the ERP module automates the entire process. Upon entering values pertaining to bonus like budget, appraisal, departmental allocations the platform can calculate and allocate bonuses.

Requisition of Resources

Once employees are registered with an organization, they will need to use resources during the course of their job. Allotment of company resources like laptop, mouse and keyboard, Pen and other stationeries can be documented online through Odoo. Similarly return of company resources can be monitored which will plug wastage and misplacement of resources. Request for requisitions can be made and monitored on the ERP platform.

Employee Appraisal

Appraisals is a mandatory process in every organization to award great performances and motivate other staff members. The process of appraisals by seniors over subordinates is streamlined through ERP in Odoo. Constant updates of staff data allows management to apprise the entire organization and identify employee performances.

Employee Clearance

Employee might issue many stationeries, gadgets and other resources during the course of their job. Before leaving the company every employee is checked and cleared whether those resources have been appropriately returned. Due to the entire list being online, misplacement of resources will be checked. Traceability of assets is assured.

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