Middle East Human Resource

Synconics Technologies has developed Middle East HR Solution in Odoo to satisfy nearly all your complex needs of HR requirements from Hiring an employee till retirement process of the employee. This HR solution is very simple and easily adoptable by your employees. This includes Employee Management, Time sheet, attendance, payroll, Talent Management, Recruitment, Planning & Analytics. This HR software will be accessed from every device – desktop, laptops, Mobiles and Tablets. This will reduces the paper based approvals and increases the efficiency of the organisation.

Arabic & English support

We understand that both Arabic and English are the dominant languages in the Middle East. It is essential that employees are comfortable in interactions with the company database and Odoo modules. We offer language preference at individual login facilitating input in either of the languages which is automatically maintained in English by default in the central database.

Hijri Calendar Support

Extensively used in MENA (Middle East and North African) countries, organizations follow the Hijri calendar for allocation of Leaves, Salary, Housing Rent and Business Appointments. It is increasingly becoming necessary to synchronize Hijri calendar with the Gregorian calendar for better tuning for everyone in a globalized world. Our produt is designed keeping in mind the evolving need of our clients and hence our tweaked calendar displays both the dates on google calendar.

GOSI Contribution

Government norms dictate that a stipulated amount be deducted from a employees monthly salary to be deposited in the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI Contribution).

In our interactions with our middle eastern clients we found that most employees are unaware of this rule and also about the amount that has been contributed. Our user portal is designed to give a quick reference to very employee regarding their individual contributions.

Iqama/National ID Process

With increasing number of foreign employees working in middle eastern countries on work permits or visas ( colloquially known as Iqama ) it is essential for organizations to ensure that the immigration procedures are routinely followed and upraised. For large organizations this becomes a daunting task.

The Middle East Human Resource Module simplifies the renewal & monitoring process and sends timely updates on your mail making sure that your foreign employees do not have to unnecessarily tangle themselves in lengthy legal procedures.


Every organization has its own process of granting leaves and vacations. To bring transparency to an organizations rules and regulations regarding Annual leave, School/College Examination Leave, Sick Leave, Yearly once Hajj/Paternity/Maternity leave or paid/unpaid leave, these can be configured to suit an organizations requirements. With applications going online, granting and rejection of the same can be streamlined.

End of Service

Resignations are often regarded as very tedious processes with a lot of formalities, approvals and clearances taking inordinate time to be sanctioned. The mark of an organization is its simplicity. The Human Resource Module has a defined support system for employees who are resigning with a single portal for approvals and also for calculation of any termination benefits in line with governmental and organizational norms and policies.

Government Relation Operations

Government Relation (GR) Operation is the vital part of Middle East Human Resource Department where, all the process of passport and National ID’s are being taken care. One of the important tasks is timely renewal of both document and stamping of the passport with specific purpose on timely manner. Providing the track of each and every passport will remain job of system, instead old fashioned of GR.

Regulatory Obligations

Every country has a set percentage of ratio that every organization is supposed to hire from the local workforce. With an extensive database of demographics of all your employees for ready reference, our human resource module keeps you updated on every regulation and helps you in compliance to the relevant laws and regulations. The demographic database is only accessible to the top level management preserving its confidentiality.

Employee Letter

Organizations sponsor their staff to come and work with them. Governments require them to maintain information and furnish it whenever required. The proof of intimation is a pre-formated letter duly signed by authorized person confirming that the individual name, ID No., Date of Joining and salary (if necessary) in addition to that the purpose of raising the letter.

The document is an acknowledgement that the person is legally allowed into the country for the purpose of working at the organization.

Passport Management

Most of the GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council) countries, allow foreign employees to retain their own passports. However some organizations have the need to call for passports of employees for reasons like exit-re-entry, family visa stamping, final exit, modification of family members etc. It's difficult to keep track of passports and essential documents as it progresses through various departments in an organization.

The Human resource module has a dedicated function to keep track of passports along with the reasons they were brought in and where they are currently. There'll be no more need to scout around for lost passport's!

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