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Manpower Planning

Constant growth of an organization calls for a larger and better managed workforce. Planned expansion of workforce gives much better dividend as allocation of manpower is done at the critical areas to keep your organization lean and efficient. With long chains of hierarchy, it becomes difficult for head of departments to identify and forward requirements.

Also due to budgetary constraints, top level management has to limit new acquisitions and sanction hiring towards critical areas. All of this can be managed remotely making it easier to take informed decisions.

Job Requisition

Manager is responsible for the staff working in his department and knowledge of the work being conducted under the department. The educational qualification and other particulars are well known to the manager. For requisition of staff for a particular project, a manager can raise a formal request. The request will follow the approval chain and at last end with the human resources department for approval. This process is streamlined with the platform.

Job Positions

Job postings can be streamlined through the ERP platform. The recruitment process will be available on website and the job postings are also automatically shared on social media websites and the same can also be shared by employees, relatives and friends making sure that you attract the best talent.

Applicant Tracking

Upon posting the job online, applicants can be tracked in real-time as they go through the various steps of application. Odoo enables tracking,control,sorting and monitoring of applications enabling H.R to call in interviews whenever they get to the required stage.

Training and Career Development

Every Organization strives to engage and educate its workforce by designing various educational courses and programs which could be mandatory or optional. These processes can be streamlined on the Odoo platform to better facilitate such routine activities on a large scale.

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