Odoo 15 Release Note


Chart of Accounts:
Revamped account form view. Track history of changes in a chatter.

Set a “Default account” in settings for automatic entries such as: currency exchange rate differences from payments, bank suspense accounts from bank sync, internal transfer accounts etc. Button added to easily set an entry as checked (be it a customer invoice, a vendor bill, or any journal entry). The changes are logged in the chatter.

Financial Reports:
“Control Domains” on Financial Report Lines are added as a debug feature to find accounts erroneously counted multiple times (or even missing ones).

Fiscal Year:
Gave the Lock Dates Wizard an updated design; Lock Date types are more easily differentiated from one another with tooltips.

Revamped reconciliation tool. By default, Odoo will partially reconcile invoices/bills. Fully reconcile invoices/bills in case of underpayments thanks to payment tolerance mechanism and specify the counterpart accounts for the difference.

Carry over amounts from one period to the next on tax reports and audit those in debug mode. Break down tax groups on invoice to display intermediate subtotal (in case of discount or to manage withholding taxes.

Navigate and distinguish Journal Entries from the related payments or bank statement lines. Record payments in list views to make their total accurate. Automatic reconciliation for both payments of internal transfer; Transfer payment from every partner category. Exclude partners from the aged reports thanks to a checkbox on account. Batch payments are more intuitive with new fields, filters and screens optimisation. Prevent user to select draft payments in the batch.

Aged Reports:
Get amount in currency, explicit column labels. Export Amounts and Currency in two distinct columns.

See conversion rate and its reverse in a revamped currency form view. Prevent confusion in currency by getting the company currency on the form.

Follow Up:
Personalize the follow-up email template subject line.

Odoo supports companies that must charge foreign VAT, and declare VAT in foreign countries.

Payment methods management on bank/cash journal improved, manage several manual methods to allow filtering by payment card owner. Optionally specify outstanding accounts for each payment method.

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Accounting - Localizations

XML export for VAT added. Tax Report Line amounts carried over from one period to the next to ensure non-negative amounts in any grid; Non-deductible VAT posted on the same expense account as the main expense.

EC Sales List:
The EC Sales List report replaces redundant versions of each country, meaning less menu items within multi-company environments.

Manage declarations to eCDF, both Annual Accounts and VAT.

Sepa version can now be specified on journal level. Get national standard references on payments, if existing.

Czech Republic:
CoA, Fiscal Positions, and Taxes added.

Get functionality for German tax report submissions to Elster.

Added EDI integration.

Consolidate tax reports in multi-company environments.

Vouchers added.

DDT implemented; Italian Tax report with its carryover lines now available. Amounts carried over from one period to the next (grids VP8 and VP9).

Balance Sheets and P&L. EHF3 format now supported.

Made 1099 reporting easier for companies doing business in the US.

Import FEC Files into Odoo. Amounts carried over from one period to the next (grids 27 and 22).

Simplified tax groups configuration. There will now be one Tax Group per Tax Rate. Added e-Invoicing format.

Added functionality for CoA, Fiscal Positions, and Taxes.

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Create custom invitations in the calendar and share it with guests.

Define a from - to date in appointment types.

Display appointment types as a selection or in a kanban mode. Building block for appointment.

Share availability from the calendar.

Get leads/opportunities from a booked meeting.

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Skills integration in appraisal.

Access Rights:
Secure the Appraisal app with improvement in access rights for employees and managers.

Manage appraisal surveys (or feedback) and track answers in the Appraisal app.

Revamped UX to fit mobile devices.

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Activities have to be created through the Approval flow, and not manually to prevent locked situations.

For each approval type, define if the approvers are mandatory.

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Extra Hours:
Count extra hours from attendance.

Time Off:
Convert extra hours into Time Off.

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When opening a receipt/delivery, allow users to create a batch when there are several ready for the same supplier/customer. Edit quantity and packaging. Scan a product to filter pickings by product. Smart Batching: Suggest creating a batch when several pickings for the same customer/supplier are due; Picking Notes are displayed as a popup when a user starts the picking.

GS1-128 Parser:
Added the ability to scan GS1 barcodes. When scanning one barcode, set product, quantity, SN/LOT, weight, size and/or dates all at the same time.

Package Type:
Define package type through barcode scanning.

From the home screen, scan a product, and see where it's located. In a picking, click on the edit icon to see all locations of a product.

Improved both the view and handling of lots/SN.

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Google Synchronization:
Improved synchronization of recurring events.

Get notified when new appointments are booked (or cancelled) by following the appointment type; Customize the calendar reminders.

Create custom links containing specific types or employees.

Outlook Connector:
Improved synchronization of recurring events.

Schedule the slots by utilizing opening hours.

Improved the Calendar UI.

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Contact Form:
Catch user info when they submit the contact form.

Lead Scoring:
Predictive Lead Scoring feature now completely replaces the Lead Scoring feature, which has been deprecated. Get relevant company results on all Lead Generation requests. Specific salespeople can be opted out of the automatic lead assignment.

All users can now access their own reporting section where they can see as much information as they have the access rights to see.

Search for contacts by phone numbers without needing to get the formatting right.

Mail Connectors:
Both the Outlook and Gmail add-ons now support all available Odoo languages. Tasks, Leads, and Helpdesk tickets can be created from emails sent to personal email addresses in Outlook, or from the Gmail Inbox.

Sales Forecast:
Build the sales forecast by dragging and dropping opportunities between months. The deadline will automatically be updated to the last day of that month.

Spot potential duplicate leads through a stat button. See all opportunities, even the lost ones, attached to a contact through the stat button. Related documents of a lead are added to the remaining lead in the merge.

Outlook Connector:
Log their own email responses into the chatter to keep conversations centralized.

Sales Teams:
Assign a salesperson to multiple teams. Dispatch and assign leads based upon rules.

Gmail Connector:
Get insights on companies through the IAP integration; Create leads and tickets from emails received in the personal inbox; Create and search contacts to log emails on their chatters.

Creating either a Quotation or a Rental from an opportunity will display the same window.

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Salary Benefits:
Create a next activity on the contract's benefits to perform actions linked to the requested benefits from salary.

Manage all contracts of one employee in a contract report.

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Data Cleaning

Merge Actions:
Add a merge action on any model.


Invite people as a new member of channels. Simplified channel notifications.

Chat Members:
Display the list of members that belong to any given channel.

Start chatting with other users from the command palette on the home (ctrl +k).

Edit or delete a message. Add a smiley as a reaction to a message.

Users can now start a meeting and invite external guests to the video call within the Discuss app.

Improved the Sidebar UI to make channels, chats, etc. much easier to find. Get user avatars in the DM/Group DM section in the sidebar.

Direct Message:
Create a group from a Direct Message.

Voice & Video:
Voice and video calls are now available. Users can change displays and share their screen to members.

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Document Link:
Documents can be uploaded through the Employee application for every employee (not only employees linked to a user).

Document Edit Rights:
Workspaces can be configured for the documents to be read (and edited) only by the owner of the file.

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Manage several user email addresses in case this user has several postal addresses.

Event Registrations:
Define a specific time for event registrations to start and end.

Journal Entries:
Get today's date rather than the first available date when trying to post before a lock date; Get payment or Bank Statement Line from a stat button on journal entries; Get unique Journal short codes on a former journal entry duplication.

Vendor Bills:
Invitation to activate a currency before posting a vendor bill if currency is currently inactive, especially through OCR / EDI.

New design for shop and product pages. Enable a “recently viewed products” section. Introduced new, beautiful design for the products building block, as well as the ability to show discounts.

On eCommerce shop, allow customers to sign-up for availability notifications on “Out of Stock” products.

Choose the option to either redirect customers to the checkout page, or leave them on their current page, when they add an item to their cart.

Gift Cards:
Offer customers the chance to purchase gift cards for the online shop.

The EC Sales List report replaces redundant versions of each country meaning less menu items within multi-company environments; Exporting both the partner and general ledgers to CSV will distinguish the amount in currency (and the foreign currency) in two separate columns; Improvements made to Report Layouts, such as optimizing the information on screen and exports.

Display the price per unit on the products as required by many countries. Added a new price range filter on the /shop page.

Users can now decide which attributes should be visible on their eCommerce web pages.

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See the last time the attendees were active on a particular course. Also, congratulate attendees who've finished the course with a new filter on the attendees list.

Removed the automatic creation of link trackers on course content. The process can be done manually, if needed.

Manage sections directly from the website.

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Email Marketing

New Editor:
New editor for the mail composer to benefit from all the features of the website builder.

Mailing Lists:
Create mailing lists on-the-fly, and move contacts between lists using the “Add to List” button. Check health/quality with KPI on kanban card.

Schedule and overview the mailings through a calendar view.

From Jinja to QWeb:
Email templates have been ported to QWeb templates. The new composer allows you to edit emails in their final rendering, making customizations more robust, as you don’t have to edit code anymore.

A/B Testing:
Test multiple versions of the mailings on a sample of the recipients, send the version that performs best to the rest of the recipients.

Receive feedback in the chatter after each mailing test is sent out.

Send mailings to the sales subscriptions to get in touch with active customers.

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When a manager/coach is archived, concerned employees are not linked to that manager/coach anymore.

Creation of Appraisals:
Appraisals can be created through the action menu for a given Employee.

Work Permits:
Get work permits into the Personal Documents tab. Prevent work permit validity overpass with the next activity.

Departure Reasons:
Custom departure reasons can be added to Employee configuration.

Let employees edit their languages from the salary configurator or profile.

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When creating a similar expense twice, the user will be asked if it is a duplicate. A note is added in the chatter. Create expenses in foreign currency. Categories with a defined cost only allow users to edit the quantity.

Expense Reports:
Save time by batch editing the expense reports.

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Autofill the registration form based on historic data. Set access rights to register attendees without being able to edit events. Customize and print the tickets for events. Badges can now be printed as foldable and/or A4.

Social Posts:
Schedule Social Posts based on the timing of the Events.

Manage the booth you rent during the events. Handle Sponsors and Exhibitors without needing to activate tracks.

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Field Service

Invoice the time spent on the tasks at an employee rate.

Time Off:
Get an extra warning when a service task is planned during an employee’s time off.

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Fleet Management:
Manage new fuels (Plug-in Hybrid Diesel, Plug-in Hybrid Essence, Full Hybrid Essence, CNG, and Hydrogen); Manage change of driver date through an activity based on the end date of the current driver. Modify the filter by car (or bike) in the dashboard; Fleet Managers are now assigned to vehicles and not to a model.

Get the employee profile from the vehicle form.

Get KPI with a pivot view on Vehicle, Contracts, and Services.

Salary Configurator:
Sort the vehicle in the salary configurator by category, and display more information.

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Close inactive tickets automatically. Track the state of the returns, repairs, refunds, and Field Service tasks in the tickets' chatter.

View the other tickets of the customer directly from the ticket. Convert the tickets into leads.

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Complete redesign of inventory adjustments (also on Barcode app). Cyclical inventory by location; Filter by suspicious inventory: Identify negative stocks and identify double Serial Numbers; See history on each quantity; Easily solve conflicts; Count anything, anytime, without inventory adjustment.

In multi-step routes, propagate carrier and country of destination, and allow for printing a label at the chosen step.

Order and sell products based on packaging. Display packaging in warehouse moves. Link packagings to package type for advanced putaway rules.

View allocation for received products. Assign received products to deliveries. Print labels for assigned products.

Reservations can now be automated, manual, or triggered X days before the scheduled date. Mass reservation moves based on filters.

Units of Measure (UoMs):
Improved category management for units of measure.

Forecast Report:
Reserve, unreserve, and change priorities directly in the report. Display customers and total amount of sales orders.

Improved delivery slips and picking operations. On delivery slips, ordered quantities and backorder lines are now displayed in the correct order. Easily edit quantities done in pickings. Select ‘Closest Location’ as a removal strategy to pick a given product category. Select several ready moves of a given picking type and group them in a new batch.

Favorite the most used products. When searching through autocomplete, they will always appear in the first hits. Select the format of product labels, and allow users to print extra text on labels.

Reordering Rules:
When creating reordering rules, use multiple quantities with BOM quantities. For Manufacturing Orders, and Purchase Orders instantaneously triggered from reordering rules, you can keep track of the source document.

Define putaway rules for package types. Define storage categories with capacities by weight, product, or package type to redirect the products.

Added vendor info in the replenishment to have a direct overview on the list of vendor prices and delays.

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Analytical Accounting:
Set an analytical account on Manufacturing Orders and track costs of production in real-time.

Odoo will consider the Component forecasts even for draft Manufacturing Orders. Component Availability displayed on the MO list and form views. Total Manufacturing Order expected and actual time spent are also displayed.

Be notified on pickings if components are to be delivered as part of a kit.

Work Orders:
New work order status related to material availability.

When editing a product form, receive a warning if the chosen Internal Reference already exists.

New route to resupply Subcontractors on order. Better management of subcontractor resupply dates by using manufacturing lead time on subcontracted products. Flexible consumption is now also possible on subcontracting receipts, as per BOM configuration.

Serial Numbers:
When mass producing serial numbers, generate multiple manufacturing orders at once, and confirm in bulk, for faster encoding.

Use copies of existing operations when creating new BOMs. Or change the BOM of an existing operation. On the BOM, just like for components, apply by-products and operations on specific variants.

No longer required to specify component location in a multi location environment. Lock Quantities to consume active by default. Close a Manufacturing Order without consuming anything.

MPS Forecast:
New Row options to consider demand last year and the year before. If a product is listed on the MPS, its demand planning can now also be done from the product form directly. All BOM components of a product can now also be added to the MPS in one click.

Cost Reporting:
Consider the cost of by-products by applying cost shares on the BOM, or on the Manufacturing Order. Adapted MO cost analysis report format for by-products cost valuation, as well. New Production Analysis dashboard to analyze manufacturing costs and general performance over time. Pivot and Graph Views added to Scrap Analysis.

Workcenters & Operations:
Multi-edit and other improvements, such as adding more information, added to both Work Centers and Operation listviews.

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Support ACH payments (USA only). New, clean payment flow within Odoo for shoppers, rather than a page redirect.

Improve the handling of payment errors with PSP Buckaroo.

Payment Link:
Add payment acquirer selection as a dropdown to the payment link wizard.

Possibility to tokenize user cards using a redirect.

Improve the handling of payment errors with PSP Adyen. New, clean payment flow within Odoo for shoppers, rather than a page redirect.

Mollie available as a new Payment Service Provider.

Refunds for Adyen:
Allow users to do refunds (partial and/or full) for Adyen. This will be implemented for other payment service providers in the near future.

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Belgian Localization:
Get hospital insurance as a standard benefit. Allocate legal time off according to the employee's previous year and current working schedule. Added a new wizard to define an employee's language, based on the country recommendations when generating payslips.

Display the age of the employee directly on the Payroll screen.

Salary Attachments:
Salary attachments are now managed in standard applications, and available to all countries. They are now linked to the employee, and not on the contract, itself.

Work Entries:
Select the right work entry type to manage part-time employees’ work entries; Regenerate a specific employee’s work entries.

Use the part-time wizard for every change of work schedule for employees.

Improved the layout of the Payslip PDF. Changed the way payslips are batch created to prevent timeouts. Prorate employee benefits based on real worked days, as well as salary deductions (or reimbursements). Implemented a mechanic for withholdings after a salary advance from the company; Manage students’ pay right in the app. Improvements made to managing negative net.

Introduce a structure to manage commissions and import amounts easily.

Added a new Social Audit report into Reporting; Analyze work entries to perform some legal actions or review statistical analysis.

Time Off:
Improvements made to the relationship between contract and additional time off allocation. Easily manage time off taken after the pay closure.

Working Schedule:
New filter for employees who change their working schedule during the year.

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Time Off:
Get a warning when an employee is on time-off at the moment of the shift.

Sales Orders:
Generate shifts automatically when confirming the Sales Orders. Plan all of them to the right employee(s) in one click. The roles, time off, workload, and working hours of the employees are automatically taken into account, as well as the time left to plan on the Sales Orders.

Skill Search:
Identify the perfect person for a shift by searching on the employees' skills.

Plan shifts for human and material resources. At a glance, view the job title and current allocation of the resources, thanks to the progress bar in the Gantt view.

Never have conflicts when copying plans from the previous week. The time off, workload, and working hours of the employees are automatically taken into account, as well as the time left to plan on the Sales Orders.

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