UPS Integration

UPS is a shipping service that delivers more than 15 million packages a day to more than 6.1 million customers in more than 220 countries and territories around the world. Odoo ERP has Leads, Opportunities and Contacts. UPS Api provides a facilities to Odoo ERP users they can do shipping for Lead, Contact and Opportunity. It is more convenient and easy to use for ERP user. Integrating UPS functionality into Odoo ERP makes it more efficient for customers to use UPS services directly within their Odoo ERP systems.

Odoo ERP includes a wide range of UPS tools including:

  • UPS Shipping
  • UPS Rates & Service Selection
  • UPS Tracking
  • UPS Address Validation

This tightly integrated shipping solution performs real-time service selection, rate quoting, shipment creation, delivery tracking and proof of delivery, address validation, compliance documentation and label printing while adhering to Odoo ERP best practices.

Odoo ERP allows organizations to integrate UPS shipping functionality directly within Odoo ERP applications to deliver increased logistical efficiencies that create a strong return on investment.

Integrating APIs Gives You Flexibility with UPS Functionality

By breaking out different UPS functionalities into separate APIs, we've given you the flexibility to decide exactly what your company wants to do on your Odoo ERP and within your business, accounting, and order-entry systems-without the need for new hardware or software.

Efficiency is a necessity for businesses, and it's exactly what our integration offers.

We recommend having a programmer on your IT team or a qualified third-party developer implement APIs.

  • If you're looking to save time and improve order accuracy, integrating the Shipping API eliminates duplicate key-entry of customer data and shipment information, and automatically generates labels when orders are placed.
  • To decrease delivery delays and avoid address correction charges, the Address Validation API verifies cities, states, and postal codes. You can even take it one step further with our street-level address validation.

UPS Shipping Label Integration

The ability to dynamically generate shipping labels online for UPS reduces much of the headache of the shipping process. We can help Odoo ERP generate UPS shipping labels automatically. After communicating with the UPS server, the labels will contain information like address, shipping number, shipping code, and more.

We can also help you look at more advanced options and decide if they’re right for your business. You can also dynamically calculate shipping rates per product or by weight, and can add handling fees according to custom business logic. For advanced shipping integration, we often use third-party tools to reduce development costs. Speak to a Synconics representative today if you’d like to learn more about ups shipping integration to your Odoo ERP.

Our UPS Integration allows you to easily import tracking numbers, ship dates, and freight amounts from your UPS. Imports can be automated on a schedule without human intervention. In addition, tracking numbers are imported by sales order numbers and can later be linked to invoices automatically.

Please check back frequently to see what new points of integration have been added to date.



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