USPS Integration

USPS is the largest delivery network in United States, with an estimated 13% of all shipments in the U.S. going through USPS.

Synconics' seamless integration with USPS shipment APIs reduces time spent on manual workflows such as label printing or manifest, customs, and duties forms. USPS integration also reduces shipping errors and improves customer satisfaction through accurate, live rates for shipments originating in the United States and Canada (other countries apply as well) and destined for 100+ countries.

Leveraging Synconics tight integration to USPS shipping platform eliminates the need for managing data manually between Odoo ERP system, logistics tracking, and CRM or customer service system(s). Turn on a complete solution that delivers live USPS shipping rates at checkout and during internal administration, full label printing and order management, and auditing tools to determine actual shipment cost for potential address changes or other miscellaneous fees.

USPS ecommerce Integration Highlights

  • Drive Customer Happiness up through self-serve options.
  • Get information to the customers in the order process with real-time rates and delivery estimates for expedited and ground shipment.
  • Provide instant tracking information by logging into the Clarity ecommerce Customer Center.
  • Give customers access to historical orders and payments in addition to active order’s status—increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Complete ecommerce Site Integration.
  • Allow site visitors to easily select shipment priority and generate automatic calculation of USPS shipment rates seamlessly through the checkout process.
  • Enable very competitive shipping fees and pass on cost savings to site visitors.
  • Seamless Fulfillment Process.
  • Live domestic and international shipment rates automatically through USPS integration with rates for international shipments from dozens of countries, such as the United States and Canada — enabling accurate cost analysis and estimating potential competitiveness.
  • Enable insurance, customs, and duties calculations and addition to order and international label printing and insurance label printing options.
  • Trim overhead with automated order processing and shipping label printing—easily choose a few or all orders for fulfillment and process label printing with options to show custom data on shipping labels such as order details.
  • Dramatically improve effectiveness with lower human error from manual processes and total system integration with ERP system, logistics tracking, and CRM or customer service system(s).

Integrating UPS functionality into Odoo ERP makes it more efficient for customers to use UPS services directly within their Odoo ERP systems. Odoo ERP includes a wide range of UPS tools including:

  • UPS Shipping
  • UPS Rates & Service Selection
  • UPS Tracking
  • UPS Address Validation

This tightly integrated shipping solution performs real-time service selection, rate quoting, shipment creation, delivery tracking and proof of delivery, address validation, compliance documentation and label printing while adhering to Odoo ERP best practices.

Odoo ERP allows organizations to integrate UPS shipping functionality directly within Odoo ERP applications to deliver increased logistical efficiencies that create a strong return on investment.

Order Status Transparency

  • Track order status for shipments each point in the process with total shipment tracking integration.
  • Audit tracking & delivery status through automated reporting to trim manual processes.
  • Directly link from related tracking numbers to orders, invoices and customer account records.
  • Enable drill down transparency for shipment progress and order history at any point in shipping or account screens within a few clicks.

USPS Shipping Integration Benefits

  • Minimize double entry with behind the scenes USPS API integration that eliminates redundant tasks like daily order processing, manual label printing and shipping rate estimates.
  • Reduce re-entry and human error with shipping integration to other key business systems.
  • Drive customer happiness up and better apply internal service team members more effectively by focusing on monitoring and oversight instead of manual execution
  • Trim shipping costs by leveraging full shipment cost analysis with shipping integration “actual cost” tracking that ensures your shipping fees are highly competitive
  • Reduce internal bottlenecks of information by directly linking related tracking numbers to orders, invoices and customer account records
  • Enable storage of package data to allow for dynamic calculation of exact cost and carrier comparison including FedEx, UPS or other Freight options.
  • Real-time shipment tracking.
  • Tightly integration shipment label printing.
  • Automate tracking number generation.
  • Create customs, duties, and insurance documents.
  • Enable a seamless multiple-point-in-pipeline workflow.
  • Create customs documentation for international shipments.
  • Enable multi-lingual ecommerce shipment labels.
  • Tie tracking data dynamically into ERP and CRM system data.
  • Percentage or flat fee schedule with options to adjust dynamically based on total order amount or special package rules to ensure internal processing costs are covered.

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