What Makes Uppercrust An Awesome Theme


Uppercrust comes with several snippets, plugins, pages and other amazing features that can be customized to build an incredible online presence.


Uppercrust adapts and evolves according to your changing needs and preferences.


Uppercrust is designed intuitively to project your presence across different platforms and devices.

Cross-Browser support

Uppercrust supports your global reach and works across multiple browsers and versions.

Uppercrust in-house developed building blocks

Uppercrust gives you an array of features to build a presence that reflects your organizational culture and ethos.

Uppercrust supported customizable building blocks

Uppercrust understands that there is nothing like too much customization. Move over stock Odoo features and find your preference with customizations offered by Uppercrust.

Different block options

Building Blocks- Drag and Drop to make your dream website!

Team Members

An organization lives within its team members. Uppercrust integrates your team in reaching out to your customers and facilitates interactions through multiple social platforms.


Showcases your services through elegantly designed and customisable categories.


Uppercrust prides itself in engaging your site visitors. Embed a short video demonstrating your product or one that spreads your vision to the world.


Blogs are a great medium to enable discussions and connect you to the online buzz around your organization and products. Uppercrust recognizes your dynamic interaction needs and comes integrated with blogs to make sure that you stay tuned.


Monitor and display the numbers that quantify your growth and keep yourself motivated to work better with Uppercrust (Automatically updated with Odoo modules through a robust back-end).

Twitter Scroller

Let your visitors see tweets in real time with a live twitter feed scroller.


Have tailored service to fit different customer needs? Uppercrust has a great array to allow your customers to compare and choose what is best for them.


Happy customers give great reviews and bring more customers! Take pride in showcasing some of the best relations that you have nurtured with clients in the testimonial box.

Progress bar

Track your progress across multiple brightly coloured progress bar that are customization to signify Goals, Qualities and Values that are cherished by your organization.


Intuitively designed cards with multi-purpose use.

Vertical Tab

Vertical tabs to segregate content which makes sure your visitor isn’t too overwhelmed with a lot of information displayed together.


Not a fan of verticals? Go Horizontal says Uppercrust!


Want to give your adoring customers regular updates? Uppercrust has a simple subscription box to collate customer e-mail id's and facilitate group mailings by connecting it to your Odoo back-end.


A beautifully designed photo strip that pops up into a new window to offer a sneak peek into your premises or to host your celebratory shoots that landmark your achievements.

Navigation Redefined

Navigation makes sure that your visitors get the best out of your site. Uppercrust has a few quirky insights.


The classical header redesigned for seamless navigation to your entire website.


The end of the page or the beginning?
Footer keeps your engagement live with strategically placed social media buttons.

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