Reporting and Dashboard

Payroll Export

To manage your payroll efficiently and generate reports, databases can be exported to excel for printing as a hard copy. Also other essential documents like voucher, salary slip and loan deductions can be easily maintained.

Leave Analysis

Productivity of an organization depends entirely on the employees presence. Analysis of the absence of employees could give insights into the productivity of an employee. Repetitive leaves & bogus reasons can be easily traced and then required action to correct it can be initiated.

Late Entry Report

Monitoring of working time of employees and analysis if late entry reports can induce punctuality in your workforce. Separation of occasional late entry from regularly late employees can allow manger to take necessary action to enforce adherence to time.

CEO Dashboard

The entire database can be accessed and queried under this powerful dashboard. Interlinking of every module and access to the entire database results in generation of accurate reports and statistics that can help run the organization effectively. Briefs about current scenario, productivity, processes across departments, anticipatory forecast's etc add to the decision making capacity of the organizational head.

Employee Dashboard

To ensure that employees are able to fulfill their job requirements effectively, employees are also given access to data that can assist them in their functioning. Data regarding overtime calculation and payment, employee leaves, notification about renewals and appraisals can be accessed by employee, promoting transparency.


The trick to effective recruitment is to understand the role and purpose of the vacant designations which can be easily accessed in Kanban view. Thus recruitment's can be streamlined according to priority.


Every department has its own expense area. It becomes essential to perform a department-wise study of expenses. Avenues of expenses can be analysed and thus overall efficiency and profitability can be enhanced by taking required actions based on the generated statistics.


In-depth analysis of an employees performance can lead to required insights for appraisals and subsequently improving performance across departments and also among individual employees.


Absolute presence of employees can be assertained and subsequently changes in salary, incentives and appraisals can be done easily.

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