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Odoo ERP Case Studies

Discover how Synconics Technologies has partnered with businesses to revolutionize their operations with Odoo ERP solutions. Our case studies showcase the transformative journey of companies, unlocking growth, efficiency, and success. From streamlining complex workflows to enhancing collaboration and optimizing resource management, Odoo ERP has proven to be a game-changer for our clients. Through meticulous implementation and customization, our team at Synconics Technologies has empowered businesses to reach new heights, enabling them to stay ahead in today's competitive landscape. 

Explore these inspiring success stories and witness firsthand the impact of Odoo ERP on business evolution, all crafted with expertise and dedication by Synconics Technologies.

Synconics Accelerates PowerQ Powers From Odoo Community to Enterprise

PowerQ serves the energy sector, it helps businesses and individuals to adopt the best energy efficiency solutions possible. It has evolved rapidly over 10 years to become one of the most respected energy consultancies.

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Efficient Time Tracking Streamlining Workforce Productivity for Kapadia Associates

Kapadia Associates Private Limited (KAPL) is a professional architecture firm, who have explored the uncharted terrain between architecture and design. With their architecture of excellence they have designed spaces that make inhabitants happier, more inspired and more productive.

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Seamlessly Migrated
Odoo ERP and Multiple Payment Gateways for Effortless Ecommerce 
into Linen Plus, Canada

Linen Plus is Canada's premier national distributor of commercial linens, facility supplies, healthcare and industry apparel and a wide variety of related products. Linen Plus works directly with manufacturers, industry-leading suppliers and international supply chains. With focus on providing the highest level of customer service in the industry and the best in class full-service eCommerce site Linen Plus has become one of the fastest growing businesses in Canada.

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Daily Morning Delivery E-commerce Supermarket for Rayon

Rayon online supermarket orders directly from their suppliers. They deliver every day early in the morning. By working without stock, Rayon assure the products arrive fresh at the customer’s doorstep, have a longer shelf life and contain more vitamins and no stock, means that there is no food wastage.

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Connecting Neighbors, Empowering Community - Find, Get Hired, Serve, and Thrive

Synconics customized a website (Marketplace Platform) in Odoo to develop a market place where vendor is able to register his website and the product/services offered by them. The service seekers will search for the service and get the information of the service provider.

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Streamline On-Site Service: Your Field Service Solution

Empowering efficient repairs and installations for any industry.

Field service is required for managing service centre for white goods, repair centres or industries wherein on-field or onsite services are required.

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