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Property Management Rental System in Odoo

Property management is the operation, control, and oversight of real estate. Management indicates the need of real estate to be cared for, monitored and accountability for its useful life and condition. This is much akin to the role of management in any business. 
A property manager is a professional or a company that oversees the daily responsibilities of a property. Managers work on behalf of owners of investment properties. An investment is anything someone owns that provides them with income or has the potential to be sold for more than they paid for it.
 Property management is a critical service to landlords and property owners as they enhance their steady flow of income. It is important to note that your Rental property can only generate income for the owners when there are good tenants in place. The management of tenants to make sure that they pay their rent on time and keep the property in good shape is essential. Management of rental property is a time consuming and cumbersome responsibility for an owner. There are many advantages of hiring professional property management, particularly to owners of multiple properties. A Property manager plays an essential role in arbitrating between tenants and owners; hence, establishing proper working relationships. They do conduct screening and sourcing tenants that increase income for the owner. Renting the property without understanding the financial and criminal background of tenants is a source of the problem. The property managers will make sure that they rent the property to individuals who have proper records in payment and no criminal behaviors. Management of tenants is difficult, which requires professional and experienced individuals. This module will help you to manage different properties of owner and manage your customer who have taken the property on rent. This module provides you with completed features to handle different property rentals, commission, maintenance, claims and so on...

Key Features

  • Manage Property Types and Property Sub Types 
  • Check reservation and vacant properties. 
  • Manage waiting list of properties. 
  • Easily identify, maintain and sub properties. 
  • Manager Owner contracts and vouchers. 
  • Manage Tenant Contracts and vouchers.
  • Manage Maintenance and Claims. 
  • Manage commission for the employee. 
  • Manage property maintenance. 
  • Reports : Maintenance, Claim report etc.

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