Odoo ERP for
Automotive Industry

Enabling effective planning, execution, and monitoring of all processes from manufacturing to logistics management from one system only.

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Automotive Industries

" The excellent technological principles of automation have had a major impact and have revolutionized the automotive sector."

To automate factory management and manufacturing processes, the industry has moved from paper-based operations to enterprise and resource planning (ERP) software. The use of ERP systems is essential to facilitate innovation and monitor large-scale production scales in the automotive industry. Odoo ERP has continuously demonstrated its progress over the years, especially in the optimization of industrial processes.

The Odoo platform assists the user in managing raw material orders, inventory movement, manufacturing lanes, associated employees, performing quality checks at various phases of production, inventory storage of final goods, sales order management product delivery, generating invoices, obtaining customer feedback, and performing product repairs.

Benefits of ERP for the Automotive Industry at a Glance


Increased Real-Time Data Access

Secured Data

Enhanced Collaboration

Utmost Compliance

Inventory Optimization

Automation of Tasks

Lowered Cost and High ROI

Quality and Customer Relation

Employee Efficiency

Greatest Optimization of Resources

Purchase Management of Raw materials

To deal with the acquisition of products for retail or manufacture, the Odoo platform offers a distinct purchase module. The user can build and post a purchase order to a vendor based on product details.

  • Provides a unique buy module for purchasing the raw materials needed for the production process.
  • Users can manage their suppliers on the page of purchased raw materials. 
  • In Odoo, a single product can have numerous vendors, offering the user a wide range of buying possibilities. 
  • The user has the ability to undertake product production and quality checks.
  • 3- Way Matching of Raw Materials.
  • Advance functionality of by- product, sub- contraction for product manufacturing.

Storage of Raw Materials / Inventory

Product inventory, product purchasing, product sales, suppliers, salespeople, and accounting manager are all included in Inventory management.

  • In the automobile business, a variety of raw materials, produced goods, and other items are processed on a regular basis.
  • Advanced & Effective Inventory warehouse management tools. 
  • Multiple warehouses for a single product. 
  • Assists users with inventory baked activities for manufacturing and sales.
  • Enables for the management of several warehouses as well as inventory adjustment tools.
  • Bespoke product movement routes can be provisioned in the company operations. 
  • Frequently provide functionality for Incoming and Outgoing shipment of product stock.  

Products Manufacturing

In the automotive industry, manufacturing processes include a variety of inline operations (such as forging, welding, and painting the chassis, gearbox and engine assembly, electronic circuits assembly, interior assembly and door assembly, and so on) that must be linked to more precise data processing systems.
Odoo ERP System is an integrated management tool that aids users in streamlining and automating numerous business functions involved in manufacturing operations.

  • Set a timer for each lane as well as assign an alternative work center for each process.
  • Bill of Materials include each lane as well as assign an alternative work center for each process. 
  • Different quality control points will be configured based on Products & Operations. 
  • Enables customers to scrap products at various points of the manufacturing process.

Why Choose Synconics for ERP Implementation in the Automotive Industry

Welcome to Synconics, your trusted partner in implementing tailored ERP solutions designed to meet the unique challenges and demands of the automotive industry. As a seasoned ERP implementer, we understand the complexities of automotive operations, from manufacturing and supply chain management to quality control and innovation.

Automotive Expertise

Our team comprises experts with deep knowledge of the automotive sector. We understand the industry's intricacies, including production scheduling, parts management, and compliance requirements.

Customized Solutions

We believe in delivering ERP solutions that seamlessly integrate with your automotive business processes. Our experts work closely with your organization to design ERP systems that align perfectly with your workflows, whether it's managing production, supplier relationships, or quality assurance.

Supply Chain Optimization

Streamline your supply chain for efficiency and cost savings. Our ERP solutions help you manage suppliers, demand forecasting, inventory, and logistics to minimize lead times and reduce costs.

Manufacturing Excellence

Ensure efficient production processes with our ERP systems. We provide tools for production planning, scheduling, and real-time tracking to optimize production and minimize downtime.

Quality Control and Compliance

Maintain consistent product quality and meet industry standards and regulations. Our ERP solutions offer quality control features, including inspections, certifications, and traceability.

Innovation and Product Development

Foster innovation in product design and development with our ERP systems. Manage product lifecycles, collaborate on engineering changes, and accelerate time-to-market.

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