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A general perception about ERP systems is that it is used for managing business only. But just like any non-profit business organizations, Education institutes also need to streamline all operations and activities. From manual paper work or excel sheets, the need of the hour for the education sector is to have automated systems as they are involved in dealing with a multitude of data and information. Through digital transformation and ERP system as a backbone, they can have all the information at their fingertips. 
If we dig deep down to the necessities for the education sector, there are list of requirements for a systematic management process, which involves the management of admission process, students data, curriculum, time-table, attendance, classes, transportation management, teachers data, manage availability of staff members, exams, results, extracurricular activities, library, management of assets, administrative staff, accounts etc. All these requirements are fulfilled through Synconics Education Management System. The system covers all the functionalities from new student admission process till they pass-out or Graduate from School/college/University. The system also provides portal functionality for easy access of certain functionality for students and their parents. The requirements of School/College/University management are listed below:

  • Multiple Schools Management with parent and child hierarchy
  • Student's Admission from Website
  • Student's multi-level interview process
  • Student’s management and Subjects management
    • Courses, Books, Batches, Classrooms, Standards, Divisions
  • Automatic fees management for registration, semester and transportation
  • Student migration process
  • Print ID cards for Students
  • Daily, weekly time table management
  • Attendance and absence trackers
  • Assignment submission and publishing

  • Remarks and Mistakes
  • Noticeboard functionality
  • Student's Historical data tracking
  • Student's Transportation management
  • Online and Offline Exams management with automatic Grade calculation
    • Exams sheets
    • Results submission
    • Grades Management
    • Mark sheets
    • Reports with printing
    • Re-Exams Management
  • Library management
  • Automated SMS and Email functionality
  • Stores & Procurement
    • Vendor Management
    • Purchase Management
    • Inventory management

  • Effective Reporting
    • List of Students - course wise, classes and division wise etc. 
    • Remarks and Mistakes 
    • Transportation Statements for Students 
    • Result Receiving list 
    • Students Mark sheets 
    • Students Late entries and Attendance reports
  • Analysis reports
    • User roles like Back office Admin, Student, Parent, Faculty etc.
  • Portal Functionality
    • Student Registration 
    • Placement Drive 
    • Examination Management 
    • Alumni Management 
    • Parent's portal to see their children payment follow up

Education Management Information System Modules

  • Institute Management
  • Schools Management
  • Stages Management
  • Courses Management
  • Batch Management
  • Standard Management
  • Divisions Management
  • Parents Management
  • Faculty Management
  • Admission Management
  • Remarks
  • Time Table Management
  • Siblings Discount
  • Special Discount
  • Notice Board
  • Classes Management
  • Subjects Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Attendance Management

  • Overtime  Management
  • Fees Management
  • Books Management
  • Migration Process
  • Fees Follow-up
  • Assignment Management
  • Absent Register
  • Points Calculation
  • Student Certificate History
  • Offline Exam Management
  • Weekly Evaluation
  • Linguistic Skills
  • Exams Sheet

  • Mark sheets  print
  • Parents Meeting
  • Reporting
  • Access Rights

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