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Odoo Partner : ERP System / Odoo ERP

Open ERP "Enterprise Resource Planning" consolidates the business process into one single unified suite that takes care of everything your business needs. By combining all the business flow, the data flows quickly, easily and accurately from one end of the business to the other. The employees and the head office decision makers’ access the information and functionality needed to do their jobs with the greatest efficiency. The practice of Odoo Open Source ERP is rapidly become essential to manage any business.

So, if you need an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP System) solution, but where to begin and how to use erp software? Synconics Technologies (odoo erp software company) has all the answers to your ERP solutions and provides best ERP Services. An ERP syatem encompassing both frontend and backend functions, such as Accounting and Financial, HR, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (Odoo CRM), Project Management, eCommerce, odoo POS, Software Development etc. Synconics helps with the process of analysing, evaluating, purchasing and implementing an odoo ERP solution with needed ERP components and the custom ERP modules/ERP apps combinations to fit your business needs.


  • Shazim Khanzada
    We were trying to integrate one of our internal systems with Odoo, and came across the webhook module made by Synconics. The team at Synconics was really helpful throughout the integration process. They answered any questions our team had regarding the webhook module and helped us out with our integration. The Synconics team helped us out with any support requests that we had, with a quick response time. The webhook module is an excellent tool for any integration use case.
    Shazim Khanzada
  • Milan
    Deciding to work with Synconics was a great decision for us. It allowed us to concentrate and work on the backend while the frontend was outsourced to the professionals!  It was a great fit and it still is as we continue to maintain our relationship and develop new features on a regular base. Synconics always maintained the highest professional standards, response and support is fast and we hope that we will cooperate for a long time.
  • Erjon

    Euronetbike has worked several projects with Synconics to solve our routine processing tasks with Odoo. Synconics staff helped us to grow and reach the perfect functionality for our working processes.  We received very fast response and reasonable advice from Synconics developers. The projects were developed in a matter of 2-3 days and affordable prices.  Every development we consider to make, brings in our mind only Synconics in first place. Thanks to Synconics we have peace in mind for our Odoo platform.

    Euroe-Com Trading GmbH
  • Ignacio A. Güena
    We have been developing our own customized ERP for the last 20 years and worked with several IT teams/companies and different technologies. We can truly say that Synconics is probably the best one we have worked with. They have been always open and ready to assist us with anything we needed, their time response is great even when we have a different time zone (US-EST for us) and their support motivate us to keep developing new tools. Synconics is one of those strategic partners that will help you to be more competitive and take advantage of the market opportunities.
    Ignacio A. Güena
    Abbey Group