Accounting, Financial Close and Tax Management.

"Streamline reconciliation, consolidation processes & close faster. Transform your general ledger, optimize AR, automate AP and generate accurate reports."

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Accounts Receivable, Billing and Revenue Management

Odoo uses the rules of the double-entry bookkeeping system: all journal entries are automatically balanced (sum of debits = sum of credits)
Odoo Accounting software simplifies the process of recording transactions: automatically creates all the behind-the-scenes journal entries for each of your accounting transactions: customer invoices, point of sale orders, expenses, inventory moves, etc.
  • Managing payables and receivables
  • Collecting taxes
  • Closing the books & enables timely
  • Accurate reports
  • Greater control of financial assets


"Accounting All in One Place"
Gain real-time insights into numerous financial metrics, such as profitability ratios, inventory margins, liabilities, fixed assets, taxes, and cash positions. Ensure compliance with accounting standards, government regulations, tax codes, and internal policies.
Create your own accounting dashboard by assembling custom reports. Generate reports for any time period, comparing time periods. Get dynamic calculation of certain fields e.g. YTD earning. Share filters and dashboards across teams.

Comprehensive Financial Reports Hub

“Speed up your decision-making process with graphical insights, configurable analytics dashboards"

Easily create your earnings report, balance sheet or cash flow statements. Improve data quality and accelerate financial close processes. You can annotate every accounting reports to print them and report to your adviser. Export to XLS to manage extra analysis. Drill down in the reports to see more details (payments, invoices, journal items, etc.). Compare values with another period. Choose how many periods you want to compare the chosen time period with. You can choose up to 12 periods back from the date of the report if you don’t want to use the default Previous 1 Period option.

Accounting Key Benefits

Odoo accounting software seamlessly integrates with all the other pieces of the suite, including financial management capabilities, inventory and order management, HR, customer management, ecommerce and more. Now you can stop worrying about your business systems and concentrate on growth.


Handle everything from one, automated business rules with intercompany rules & currency rate updating, subsidiaries integrations in the systems for getting consolidation reports in real time, organize documents into several journals and define as many users as you want with different access rights.
• Multi-currency support
•  Multi companies
•  Multiple users
•  Multi Journals

  Streamline Reconciliation

Smart Reconciliation Tool. Get reconciliation propositions automatically, register extra journal items on the fly, search efficiently. Interface for manual reconciliations, for both open and paid invoices. Get partial and full reconciliation propositions directly from the invoice or the bank statement.

  Fiscal Localization

Fiscal Localization Packages are country-specific modules that install pre-configured taxes, fiscal positions, chart of accounts, and legal statements on your database. Some additional features, such as the configuration of specific certificates, are also added to your Accounting app, following your fiscal administration requirements.


Comparison of accounting operations like reports , journal entries helps in making better decisions, Odoo provides you a comparison feature through which you can compare all the defined operations based on Previous period, same period, last year or even it can be done as per the need.


Automatic Recurring revenues Invoicing. Manage multiple subscription plans, templates, recurring revenues and extra fees easily with contracts. Automate recurring invoices, payments and renewal alerts.

  Customer Portal

Your customers can change their plans, order upgrades or downgrades / unsubscribe through the customer portal. (Based on your configuration).


Super easy to make refunds and unite them on balance sheets. Create new refund bills. Dedicated Dashboard for the for Refund.

  Batch Payments

Group different payments to ease reconciliation. View and validate batch payments directly from the vendors tab.

Accounts Receivable

"Optimize Customer Invoice and Customer Payments, accelerate cash flow"

Odoo automates and streamlines every aspect of invoice delivery, payment processing and collections management so you can increase liquidity to fund growth, shorten the credit-to-cash cycle, enhance service levels and seize new investment opportunities as they arise. 
Automatically post order transactions to general and AR ledgers, with accurate tax calculations on each invoice, for rapid, precise tax processing and billing. 
Enhance the payment experience with innovative subscription-based billing, revenue, and accounts receivables management.

Odoo invoices includes payment terms, multiple taxes, discounts, price lists

Different ways to record a payments

  • Draft invoice propositions
  • Aged receivable balance 
  • Offer cash discounts 
  • Credit Notes and Refunds 
  • Payment Terms and Installment Plans 
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Customer Portal 
  • Cash Rounding 
  • Deferred Revenues 
  • Add EPC QR Codes to invoices
  • Invoice Online Payment 
  • Register customer payments by checks
  • Batch Payments: Batch Deposits (checks, cash etc.) 
  • Batch Payments: SEPA Direct Debit (SDD)
  • Follow-up on invoices and get paid faster

Accounts Payable

“Vendor Bills, Vendor Payments & Forecast future bills to pay”
Ensure compliance with internal policies, by automating your accounts payable processes. Avoid late fees and improve cash flow by taking advantage of early payment discounts. With Odoo, accounting, sales, operations, purchasing, and other departments can share information, seamlessly. Manage the entire procure-to-pay process on a single platform, monitor budgets to prevent overspending, and automate approval workflows and time payments to preserve cash.
  • Advanced Payment Dashboard 
  • 3 step verification (compare information of Purchase order, Vendor Bill and the receipt) 
  • Digitized payment of Bills 
  • Clear and Detail view of Forecast Expenses 
  • Trace employee expenses (via validation and reimbursement)
  • Pay and print checks in few clicks 
  • Automate Payment to supplier with SEPA based on propositions 
  • Track deposit tickets in few clicks 
  • Set up validation steps for payment flows

Bank and Cash

“Effortless bank synchronization so that you never miss anything.”
Odoo cash management solution provides real-time access to banks. Accelerates the reconciliation process and boosts the accounting team’s efficiency. Automatic imports provide an accurate picture of your current cash position so that finance has all the insights they need to optimize working capital, forecast cash requirements and deliver accurate reports.

The cash register is a journal to register receiving's and payments transactions. It calculates the total money in and out, computing the total balance.

  • Automate bank feeds directly from the bank (with 15,000 bank support) 
  • Get your bank statements synced with your bank automatically 
  • Import files easily 
  • Use of OFX, QIF,CSV or Coda files, to import statements) 
  • Handle cash registrations (via. track transaction of opening and closing) 
  • Trace every cash transaction with opening and closing


Odoo offers various types of taxes across subsidiaries: consumption tax, general sales tax, local taxes, as well as multiple tax schedules for everything from GST to VAT. With a configurable tax engine, Odoo provides an indirect tax management solution, global tax management, generating detailed reports, and analyzing transactions down to line-item tax details in real time. 

Odoo's tax engine supports a wide range of tax computations: price included/excluded, percentage, grid, tax on taxes, partial exemptions, etc.
  • Default Taxes 
  • Fiscal Positions (tax and account mapping) 
  • Manage withholding taxes 
  • Manage prices for B2B (tax excluded) and B2C (tax included) 
  • Manage cash basis taxes 
  • Manage Fiscal Years Do a year end in Odoo (close a fiscal year)

Analytic Accounting

“Create budgets using analysis dimensions and compare your actual figures with budgeted figures.”

Generate and analyze reports such as Invoice Analysis, Analytic Report, Unrealized currency gains and losses, Depreciation  module, Disallowed expenses , Budget analysis, Product margins. 

  • Get analytic entries based on timesheets, supplier bills 
  • Automate analytic process (based on project, contracts, department, etc) 
  • Use of analytic tags and flexible distribution 
  • Detailed and clear analytic report 
  • Handle multiple analytic plans 
  • Clear overview of budget details (start date, end date, budgetary position)

Assets and Revenue Management

Handle all assets and revenues in just few clicks "  

Manage and control the complete lifecycle of depreciating and non-depreciating assets, from creation to disposal.

Odoo's fixed Assets Management works seamlessly with Procurement & Advanced Financial Management to automate the creation of new assets , posting of depreciation and lease expenses.

Assets Management :  •    Trace assets , depreciation boards        Generate amortization entries automatically
  • Revenue Recognition & Dashboard
  • Get all your SaaS metrics in a clear dashboard: MRR, Churn, CAC, CAC ratio, Growth forecasts, ARR, CLT, CLTV.
  • Manage multi-year contracts
  • Automate Deferred Revenues
  • Steadfast dashboard for revenues
  • Detailed and clear view of SaaS metrics on clear dashboard

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