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Odoo ERP Pricing

Odoo offers two separate versions of the solution:
  • Odoo Community
The Community version is the open-source versoin.
It's free
  • Odoo Enterprise
The Enterprise version supplements the Community edition with commercial features and services.
All modules are free. You just need to pay for number of User.
 The Source code for the Open Object framework and core ERP (enterprise resource planning) modules is curated by the Belgium-based Odoo S.A. Synconics offers both versions of solutions as well as the best Odoo team for understanding and mapping out your business needs. There are different factors which are included in Odoo pricing or Cost of Odoo implementation.

Enterprise License

There are types of costs associated with Odoo Enterprise.

Per login user license cost

Here there is a fixed fee per user. (Can be paid monthly / yearly.) For first time buyers, Odoo (company,) gives a discount on only the first invoice/purchase. Kindly note that Odoo has different prices for user licensing in different countries.

Odoo Apps cost

Odoo is a suite of business applications. All modules are free. You just need to pay for number of User..

Pay monthly

This option is only available if you host Odoo ERP on Odoo SaaS (Online) or Odoo PaaS (Odoo.sh).

Pay Yearly

For hosting Odoo Enterprise on your local server or on premise (Dedicated cloud hosting like AWS, Google), then payment is done annually in advance.

Extra user or Space charge

If you create extra users  or utilized extra space in your database then automatically Odoo generates a purchase order and sends it to you for payment. If you refuse to pay then your database will expire in 1 month.

* Odoo enterprise licenses are non-transferable, you are not allowed to transfer the license or sell it to another company.

Hosting Charges

Hosting Type

Odoo Online


On Premise
(Dedicated Server)


No hosting charges, included in Odoo subscription.
Depending on the number of users, charges are levied per user, storage space (in GB) and number of staging/testing environment required.
Depends on your dedicated server provider and your server configuration.


Odoo online has limitations with 3rd party apps installation and customization.
Odoo.sh provides both the extra facilities, 3rd party apps installation and customization.
On premise, you can host Odoo on your local server or any third party hosting provider like AWS, Azure. You need to pay charges to the hosting provider.

Implementation and training

The Odoo implementation cost includes charges for installation, implementation of the selected modules as per your business requirement, configuration and the training  on how to use Odoo and administration.

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Support and maintenance

The support and maintenance of an Odoo certified partner and developer is required: 
  • For newcomers who require proper guidance of Odoo platform functionality 
  • When there is wrong configuration causing errors and mistakes 
  • When the platform fails,  When there is low work efficiency 
  • For updating security patches or Odoo source code

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Some business requirements/processes cannot be directly fitted into the Odoo platform. Therefore, these processes need to be customized as per your business workflows. Such customization relies on business management’s/users’ needs and the key objectives which you want to achieve. These can be categorised as:
Odoo erp customization options: 
  • Odoo base module customization 
  • Third party installed module customization 
  • Complete development of new module


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Migration from deprecated version to latest one

Each year Odoo launches a new version, which has more advanced functionalities and features than the previous one. This encourages Odoo companies to migrate their Odoo platforms to the latest versions of Odoo.
However, migration of the Odoo platform is also done from the deprecated version to the latest one.
Migration is also undertaken when one wants to transfer one’s legacy data on to the Odoo platform..

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Odoo Pricing FAQs

Odoo price is calculated on the basis of space used,  the number of login users needed to fulfill your business requirement.

Odoo Enterprise pricing is based on the number of login users or space. Odoo.sh is Odoo’s hosting platform where you can customize Odoo, easily install Odoo certified apps as well as any third-party apps available on the Odoo apps store.

Odoo studio is an application available in the odoo enterprise which helps to customize the odoo modules or apps.

The cost of Odoo Set up depends upon the sum of the number of login users.

Odoo comes in two versions Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. Odoo Community version is free.

You may subscribe for yearly or monthly service. Our company will contact you 30 days before your license expires, so that you can renew it on time.

No, as per our current policy, refunds are not allowed.

Of course, you can talk to us by contacting us on any of our communication channel :
Email id : contact@synconics.com
Skype : synconics.technologies
Whatsapp : +9194268674274

Yes, we do support onsite consulting. Please contact us at:
Email id : contact@synconics.com
Skype : synconics.technologies
Whatsapp : +9194268674274

Yes, this option is available if you host Odoo ERP on Odoo SaaS (Online) or Odoo PaaS (Odoo.sh).

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