Hospital Management

Streamline Operations and Enhance Patient Care

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Hospital Management

Hospital Management is the most vital aspect of healthcare organizations. Hospital management system is developed in Odoo covering a 360-degree view with all the necessary aspects required to manage a hospital, clinic or a health care center. From patients appointments to the patient's history, from medication prescribed to the referred tests, it fetches all the information spontaneously required in crucial times. The system covers the hospital information from bed availability to the occupied ones, plus the availability of the operation theater. The system also manages ambulance vehicles, administration, inventory, billing information, staff information, appointments to doctors with their medical expertise are managed in the system.

With the help of HMS it becomes super easy to operate and administer day to day activities from assisting patients in hospital, his registration, assigning patient ID card, bed allotment, lab test, OT booking, patient insurance claims, billing, till the discharge activities and most important report generation of all the hospital activities.

Why choose our Hospital Management System?

We aim at bringing the finest solution for hospital management, to ensure excellent coordination among all the departments of hospital operations with an effective approach to operate and process multiple aspects of administrative operations from a single platform

Its integrated end-to-end Hospital Management modules streamline all operations, provide required information across the hospital, effective cost control, support decision making for patient care and hospital administration in a seamless flow to deliver benefits to all levels of hospitals. 

Our end-to-end integrated Hospital Management application operates and processes multiple aspects of hospital management operations from a single platform and ensures excellent coordination among all hospital departments with an effective approach. Moreover, it also supports hospital administration for decision making with regards to patient care in a seamless flow to deliver benefits to all levels of hospitals.

The following features are designed and developed to help the users to manage various hospitality operations within the facility.


Hospital Healthcare Management System

Pathology Laboratory Management System

Imaging Management System

Blood bank Management System

Gynecology & Pediatrics Management System

Insurance Management System

Medical Management System

Pharmacy Store Management System

  • Patients Management
  • Physicians Management
  • Appointments Management and Tracking
  • Ambulatory Care Management

  • In/Out Patients Management
  • Nurse and Rounding Management
  • Injury Surveillance
  • Surgeries Management

  • Intensive Care Management
  • Demographics Management
  • Prescriptions Management
  • Vaccination Management

  • Medical Reports
  • User Profiles and Data Management
  • User Roles Management
  • Data Security

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