Project Management

Visibility, collaboration and control to drive on-time project delivery.

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Odoo Project Management

Improve project delivery and increase profits with a single, intelligent solution that manages projects across the enterprise and connects them with finance, project costing, HR, and operations and that also makes project management extremely flexible.
Odoo Project Management can be used for all types of projects including service, support, industrial, or development. With the Odoo ERP solution, stakeholders gain complete visibility and control — they can monitor and report on project status anytime, anywhere. The result is a significantly improved project completion record, more satisfied clients, and fewer non-billable work hours.

Moderns Interface

"What you need, the way you like it."


Neat and efficient overview of your projects.


Keep track of deadlines with a clear calendar view.


Allocate the necessary time to specific tasks under a planned shift.


Generate reports and carry out analyses.

Project Dashboard

"Gain complete visibility into entire project plans, including Gantt charts."
The dashboard gives project managers a visual, graphical analysis of the status of all their projects. View important KPIs at a glance, and quickly drill down to identify the root causes of issues. As team members enter information, the dashboard updates automatically to provide an up-to-date view of the current health of projects down to the task level.

Project Key Benefits

 Advanced Operational Features

Timesheets for tasks, customs and sub tasks, tools for revenues and productivity, and many more features are very beneficial in customizing your projects more effectively.

 Fully Functional Interference

The project management module features like Modern/ variety of unique visual interference Dashboard, customize interference, and mobile view makes this application more user friendly.

  Organize/ Filter all Tasks

Easy to change the stages of the tasks from the former view. More cleaner and organized view of task on Kanban view. Easy to keep an eye on everything including all the activities you had scheduled.

  Information Exchange

Communication through mails, discussion module for integration of in-house operations, custom alerts and much more allows you to communicate with your customers effectively.

  Projects Management Operations

Odoo Project Management Operation helps you to manage your projects easily and effectively.

  Various Views

Group and filtering allow you to view your projects in various views like List view, Kanban view, Pivot view, Calendar view, Gantt view, Activity view and Map view.

  Project Reporting

Odoo Project reporting helps you in keeping track of each stage of your projects by providing accurate reports and revenue analysis.


Best part of Odoo application is Project management and tracking go hand in hand. With the help of time tracking it is easy to track customer billing, Projects bottlenecks and Project’s pace.

  Collaborate on Tasks

Super easy to collaborate with the users, portal users with all possibilities of the project users.

  Task Management

Easy task management: collaborative pads, sub tasks, recurring tasks, customer ratings.

  Odoo Timesheets

Employees can record their time manually on their desktop or on their phone with a timer easily.

 Forecasting Tools

Forecasting tools help in carrying out analyses appropriately on project revenue and productivity.

Project Administration

"Drive the Project Methodically."
Manage multiple types of projects, including time and materials and fixed price jobs. Easily plan projects, collaborate with others, stay organized and keep efforts on track. Managers can monitor all relevant financial metrics, including project budgets, estimates, work in progress and percentage complete, invoices, billing milestones, actual costs, and more.

  • Administer your project resources end-to-end 
  • Define access rights for people involved in the project to ensure user level security and restrict unauthorized access 
  • Modern Interference (plan, organize, schedule, and analyze subtasks and tasks)

Project Planning

“Harness the power of visual information."  

Break down your project in bite-sized tasks and assign them to your team for improved collaboration. Create customized stages for each project to simplify your workflow overview and increase overall project efficiency.

  • Assign project plans to employees along with it’s deadlines
  • Employees can view scheduled tasks, duration of operations of plans

Project Tracking

“Streamline all projects and manage the staff available and avoid resource leakage & time wastage."

Schedule your teams across projects taking employees' holidays into account. Plan ahead for upcoming projects with forecasts based on comparable projects and estimate deadlines more accurately. Compare forecasts with real timesheets for increased profitability.
•     Forecast needs & resources           •   Project performance & employees' availability  

Track and maintain your projects with Unique Visual Interfaces:
  • Create functional and dynamic Graph view, Kanban View, List View, Pivot View, Calendar view, Gantt View, Activity view, and Map view to analyze your data for every task.
  • Powerful search tool, default and customizable filter and grouping functions to analyze your data utilizing.

Odoo Timesheets

“Timesheets essentials for keeping track of every second.”
Give your project teams the flexibility to capture time by conversational digital assistant. Simplify the time-tracking process with timesheets that are easily submitted, reviewed, and approved.
  • Time encoding (encoding unit, awesome timesheet, rounded timesheets) 
  • Timesheet control (Employ reminder, manager reminder) 
  • Personal timesheets

Project Billing

“Odoo project management seamlessly integrates with Odoo accounting, allowing you to monitor and manage revenues, expenses, billing and profitability over the lifetime of a project."  

Create projects/ tasks directly from sales quotation as well as provide different kinds of configurations to generate invoice by fixed cost or by variable cost of employees (based on their per hour cost).Save your time by choosing the shortest process at the time of billing of your client , by pulling the billable time you have tracked into sales orders, and invoices, directly from the project/task.

Users will be also able to track billing based on the project milestones instead of a fixed cost.

Project Accounting

With Analytic accounts, users will be able to map expenses, sales, purchase operations with related projects and will be able to track budget by analyzing planned amount, theoretical amount, practical amount and achievement.

Project costing

Improve accuracy of project cost accounting while standardizing and streamlining the collection of costs associated with projects.
  • Re invoice time to a customer
  • Analyze performance of a service or a project
  • Track costs & revenues by project, department, etc.

Project profitability

“Project profitability describes the ability of a project to yield a financial profit or gain for an organization." 

A project runs smoother if you can have an overview of its costs, revenues, profitability, tasks, time and people, all in the same place. It allows you to make smarter business decisions as you know where you are standing and can course-correct if needed. 
By project cost and revenue report, users will be able to see the difference b/w employees' timesheet, amount invoiced and amount to invoice.


Invoice on Contracts and Sales

“Generate sales and Invoice directly from contracts" 

  • Create tasks based on sale orders 
  • Easy to handle material based contracts 
  • Handle after sale service request 
  • Track support services and count hours on contracts 
  • Contracts (handle fixed prices, materials based on contracts) 
  • Set up Invoicing policy (timesheet of invoicing are invoiceable or not) 
  • Streamline processes (between teams creating projects and one works upon them)

Discussion and Information Sharing of task and documents

“Enhance employees' collaboration for staying connected to your team." 
  • Attach quick notes or files with any task Communicate through the chatter, write in a shared real-time pad or use live chat - all within a single interface 
  • Online chat with users 
  • Ether pad integration for real time collaboration 
  • Custom alerts for activities 
  • Activity log (for getting history of activities) 
  • Email Integration (for communication on task by email)

Customer Service, Issues and Care

“Make your customer more happy and satisfied." 

Use issues to track support contracts, tickets, bug reports.
  • Automate emails (for customers satisfaction to get ratings and feedback directly)
  • Customer tickets (helps you to track support contracts, tickets, bug reports)
  • Email Integration 
  • Triggers and Automate actions on emails for different statuses 
  • Easy customer portal 
  • Timesheets 
  • Live chats with visitors or customers

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