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Customer-centric Sales Engagements with a 360-degree view of every Customer and Interaction.

Odoo ERP brings one of its finest most used modules named Odoo Sales Module, where you can streamline and automate critical selling processes and empower sellers with intelligent recommendations. In addition to this, it also reduces data entry by handling all sales operations of your company by using a fast and modern system that handles most of your sales activities automatically.
Odoo Sales Module is quick and easy to access. With the help of this module, users can handle all sales operations such as crafting, sending out sales quotations, drafting sales orders, managing the sales team and salesperson operations along with the complete management of the sales department. Furthermore, your integration of this sales module with other modules such as Website builder, CRM, Accounting Inventory, Point of Sales (POS), and E-commerce make all your sales workflow more efficient.


“Super easy and super-fast track on one screen."  
  • Get a neat overview of all information
  • Sales forecast
  • Drag and drop , filter your sales

Odoo Sales Benefits 


Upsell your sales orders by maximizing sales opportunities, setting optimize prices, and increasing deal size by utilizing intelligent up-sell, cross-sell and pricing recommendations.


Odoo e-signature helps you to create, track and manage contracts in a unified way. In addition you no longer need to sign manually on NDAs, Sales order, contracts, or any PDF document.

  Sales Warnings and alerts

With the help of this you will be able to get warnings before sending quotations to specific customers or even for specific customers.

  Define Payment Terms

Manage all payment operations by setting up own payment rules , automating email, and much more.

  Shipping Cost Payment Terms

Compute shipping costs based on multiple variables (weight, volume quantity, margin, delivery address, etc.)

  Increase Multi-channel Sales Effectiveness

Eliminating order errors, generating proposals instantly, providing customer and channel specific pricing. Protect the margins of every opportunity with product, customer and channel price controls.

  Multi/Inter-Companies Rules

Automatically mirror sales and purchase orders in a multi-companies setup.


Now multi currency will never be a barrier in your sales, use multiple Currency configurations like EUR, USD, INR, etc.

Online Quotation from Quote to Odoo Sign  

Apply Templates

Let your customers follow
and understand your process.

Send Quotations

Click on the icon to adapt it
to your purpose.

Close Deals

Duplicate blocks
to add more steps.

Get Paid Faster

Select and delete blocks
to remove some steps.

  • Use quotations deadline to stimulate your customers
  • Use quotation templates
  • Get a signature to confirm an order
  • Get paid to confirm an order
  • Add terms & conditions
  • Deliver and invoice to different addresses
  • Add optional products


"Design Business like Quotations"

All advanced tools are unified at one place for designing quotations (add product descriptions, beautiful images & additional information simply by dragging and dropping building blocks) as well as professionally showcase your products and services. 

Use sales Quotation builder and template, or else you can even design your own quotation template and can reuse it time and again. Super easy to handle all Product management activities ( Product specific emails; Product Promotion, coupons, discounts, Setting up sales price list, Product configurations and much more).
  • Odoo Enterprise support only
  • Server manage by Odoo company
  • Allow custom development
  • Install third-party apps
  • Integration with Github

Invoicing Method

"Different business policies might require different options for invoicing"

Distinct invoicing options gives you more flexibility. Indeed, you need to know exactly how to invoice your customers for different situations. 
Odoo Sales Invoice based on delivered or ordered quantities. 
The Invoice what is sales ordered rule, which means that customers will be invoiced once the sales order is confirmed. 
The Invoice what is delivered rule, will invoice customers once the quantity actually delivered.
  • Request a down payment 
  • Send a pro-forma invoice 
  • Sales Invoice based on time and materials 
  • Odoo sales Invoice based on project milestones 
  • Re-invoice expenses to customers 
  • Sell subscriptions


“Range your products , the way you sell / let them sell them for you.”

Sell on POS and E-commerce

Odoo system not only eases the product processes but also saves a lot of time in managing products. Create your own product and share your products with customers. While designing products you can configure product types like Services, Stockable products, or Consumables and Product variants like grid, matrix, and all possible combinations. In addition to this you can also add sales discounts and coupons on your products as per your sales.
  • ‘n’ numbers of products
  • Combinations like color, shape and size
  • Define Delivery charges
  • Product types
  • Product variants
  • Custom fields
  • Expiration dates
  • Multiple barcodes
  • Define Storage location
  • Unit of Measurement
  • Define procurement rules

Product Pricing

“Gain customer attention with Product price & Invest with Odoo Pricing”
Invest more by computing product pricing wisely and offering discounts for specific timelines. Odoo makes the product pricing process more simplified and its useful tips help in computing appropriate prices for each product. Define sales Price List configuration on all Products, Product categories, Single products, and Product variants wise based on currency, company, website, and country groups like European countries.

  • Create your price computation based on Fixed price, Discounts, and Formulas ( based on Sales price, Cost price, and on Other Pricelist)
  • Multiple Currency configurations like EUR, USD, INR, and many more.

Sales Price lists

Compute the correct price based on customer conditions. Add price lists to individual products depending on each customer's segment. Automatically use the applicable price list based on order conditions such as quantity and/or time.

​Sales Discounts

Apply discounts on any line item and choose how the price is reduced as well as if the discount is visible or hidden.

Sales Coupons and Promotion

Create a custom coupon code for a price list and allow your customers to activate their discount at purchase. Convince customers to buy more with discounts and coupons.

Contract Management (Subscription)

Track each phase of a contract such as invoicing, renewal, and upselling. Fully integrated with Odoo Subscriptions for managing recurring invoices such as memberships or service contracts, sales contract renewal alerts, and contract options as well as trace recurring revenue via the MRR dashboard.

Streamline Communication from Odoo

“Create sales budgets using analysis dimensions and compare your actual figures with budgeted figures.”
Odoo helps you to communicate efficiently with the help of On- boarding emails for providing adequate information, Email gateways for discussions and negations, and scheduled activities for getting alerts for relevant activities.

On-Boarding Emails

Create email templates for specific products to provide relevant information to buyers such as instructions, service reminders, etc.

Email Gateways

See all of your email communications automatically attached to the associated customer order, allowing you to trace back on discussions and negotiate more efficiently.

Schedule Activities

Follow key quotations and orders in just a click and get alerts based on relevant activities.

Log notes and instant messaging

Increase your work efficiency by having live chat using instant messaging. Take note of every key point while having words with clients, keep record of it for future reference or reviewing history of it by using log notes.

Customer Portal Access

“Keep multiplying your customers with the help of Odoo Sales.”
Odoo SaaS
(Odoo Online)

  • View sales 
  • Sales orders 
  • Status on delivery orders 
  • Immediate E-sign sales order

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