Digital Transformation


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Digital Transformation with Odoo

Digital business transformation has shifted from “nice to have” to “must have”. But challenges abound: From how to digitize IT and digitally interact with customers to how to integrate new digital services with existing products and solutions. Where do you start? 
Business transformation aims at helping our clients to become the finest in their field. 
At Synconics, we believe that a successful business transformation must: 
  • Define overall vision, targets and requirements for the future 
  • Use a phased approach with timed implementation stages 
  • Demonstrate progress through special events and interventions 
  • Ensure employee buy-in through engagement at an early stage 
With ERP applications, business activities and company performance can be better monitored and controlled. It is a given fact that one of the biggest reasons to implement ERP solution is to create a common IT platform across the company.

Realistic implementation plan

Synconics can help your organization develop a realistic implementation plan that reflects the tasks, resources, time and man-hours required to fully realize business benefits. Our technology-agnostic methodology is based on collective experience with hundreds of digital transformations and more than 200 enterprise systems. 

Synconics proven methodologies enable organizations to continue operating at maximum capacity with lower risk throughout implementation. 

On average, Synconics clients implement ERP software in 10% less time and at 50% less cost than those that do not rely on our guidance

What We Deliver

We help organizations transform their people and processes through the strategic deployment of technology. Rather than focusing strictly on the technical aspects of digital transformation, our team helps you strategically implement technology to align with your organizational goals. We serve as our clients’ single point of accountability during a digital transformation by focusing on the following activities:

  • Project management of risk, scope, cost, time and resources
  • Comprehensive business process re-engineering and workflow definition
  • Improvement of technical infrastructure
  • Alignment of digital transformation with organizational requirements
  • Organizational change management, communication and training activities
  • Integration between technology, processes and stakeholders


  • Definition and measures of success
  • Optimization of measurable benefits
  • Functional and technical development and support
  • Customized workshops and on-site Boot Camp training
  • Project recovery support
  • Risk management and mitigation planning activities

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