Organizational Transformation

Designing an operating model and the best organizational structures for an enterprise is a multi-dimensional challenge. Synconics Consulting’s organization design services transform complex enterprise ecosystems into flexible and agile digital organizations that can rapidly respond to external developments and achieve strategic objectives.

Digital Enterprise

Transforming your business from analogue to digital

There are three organisational scenarios that may will play out:

  • Organisations that believe that they don’t need to rapidly evolve. They will die.
  • Organisations who choose believe that digital “elements” of their business (like a CRM product) will somehow make them a digital enterprise. These companies will not be competitive and will either suffer significant devaluation over the next decade or will be acquired.
  • Organisations who know what the coming Digital Economy for their respective industry will require to win and are earnestly building a Digital Core, connected all the way to the Digital Edge of their business and beyond. These companies will win with change management.

Our Expertise and unique approach to meet your organization’s unique needs:

  • Training (including technical/functional training and process training), to create end-user buy-in
  • Workforce transition assessment
  • Education about software benefits and reasons for its purchase
  • Clarity about changed roles and responsibilities
  • Engagement and accountability efforts
  • Development of communication channels and materials
  • Creation of a holistic entity (Center of Excellence) to provide support, guidance and oversight
  • Tracking and monitoring results for continual fine-tuning and improvement

What We Deliver

Measurable Business Results

The Synconics team of IT strategy, organizational change management and business process management experts provided the company with the insight needed to determine an enterprise-wide strategic plan to achieve benefits and ROI from both IT and process improvement perspectives.

Solution Highlights

  • Defined current business processes, pain points, opportunities for improvement and system strategy and produced a roadmap for the next three to five years
  • Developed organizational readiness assessment to identify potential barriers to change
  • Conducted organizational change management and communication needs analysis and activities
  • Evaluated technical infrastructure and produced an IT strategy and roadmap to complement the overarching system strategy

Track Record and Value Delivery

Synconics Consulting is a trusted advisor in organization design. Over the past decade, we have helped businesses translate their corporate strategy into effective operating models and organization designs. We have experience working with all types of enterprises.

Synconics consultants possess deep industry knowledge and extensive expertise in strategy development, business model design and organizational elements. Our proven collaborative approach and design methodologies deliver high-quality results quickly. Working alongside top management, we help you develop an organizational design and roadmap to support your business strategy and achieve your business objectives.

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