Automotive Industries

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is industry-specific enterprise resource planning software designed for automotive manufacturers and businesses that provide products and services to the automotive industry. Our automotive ERP software solution goes beyond traditional to provide financial management, product management, quality management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and more.

Our automotive customers enjoy support for the total life-cycle, that is from design integration through demand management, supply chain management, full-scale production, sales and aftersales service. The software is fully integrated with financials and human resources management and provides a foundation for meeting product quality standards and cost reductions across your entire enterprise providing crucial real-time insight into demand, inventory and quality for increased productivity.

Features & Benefits: ERP software, capture and access all production and quality data at the 'manufacturing moment' to gain the real-time intelligence required to make timely and effective manufacturing decisions.
The built-in Manufacturing Execution System monitors and maintains inventory, production and quality information in real time to improve responsiveness, drive shorter cycle times and reduce the risk of warranty issues or recalls.

Tooling and Maintenance: Manufacturers benefit from tooling functionality because it specifically tracks which tools are used and how many parts are produced before replacement or adjustment is necessary to maintain proper quality specifications.

Quality and Supply Chain Management: Enable manufacturers to track quality using tools like conformance/corrective and preventive action and statistical process control, and other best practices. With this industry-leading ERP system, the entire operation is integrated.
So quality functions can link with supply chain management functions to give manufacturers a complete view of their quality performance one step back and one step forward in the supply chain - from their suppliers’ operations through the “next-step” customers and to the end consumers.

Integrated Financials: Manufacturers must have the ability to quickly and easily access consolidated financial information. The ERP system enables them to trace costs associated with individual products and product lines right down to the raw materials used in production.

Full Traceability: In order to achieve compliance with government regulations, manufacturers must be able to trace every component within their individual products to isolate problems quickly and with pinpoint precision. They must have a system that enables them to accurately track individual bins, containers, and packages as they flow through the manufacturing process and distribution chain.
Integrated ERP software meet this need, providing detailed historical information related to supply chain, production, inspection, genealogy, and usage - tracing every detail about a product from when it arrives at the plant to when it leaves as a finished product.

Inventory Optimization: In automotive parts manufacturing, excess inventory is an unnecessary expense and is contrary to the lean manufacturing processes the enterprises are embracing. Inventory optimization is a key feature in ERP for automotive parts manufacturers.

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