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Odoo Installation & Hosting

Hosting defines how you will access your Odoo database and what your responsibilities are towards it. Providing online access to the application. 

Adopting the right deployment strategies our success has been proven with hundreds of Odoo ERP installations and implementations throughout the world. 

Embarking on installation best practice our team will analyze the whole scope of IT infrastructure, budget, user logins and any other untold or unfold factor with a view to set the best suitable Odoo ERP system at your end.

Odoo can be hosted on different platforms:

Synconics exclusively focused on implementing the best ERP solutions to the mid-market. Understanding the business process, we assist in the selection of Odoo ERP versions and editions (Online, Enterprise, Community) along with hosting options like SaaS (Odoo online), Dedicated or Public Cloud, or on-premises.

The primary Odoo hosting options are:

Depending on the edition you use either Odoo Enterprise or Odoo community (Free edition), there are different Odoo hosting types available.

Standard Cloud Hosting Odoo SAAS (Odoo Online)

Odoo.sh PaaS (Platform as a Service)

On-Premise / Cloud Dedicated Server Hosting

  Standard Cloud Hosting Odoo SAAS (Odoo Online)

" Odoo SAAS (Odoo Online) hosting type will support Odoo Enterprise edition only. "

Odoo Online is SaaS (Software as a Service). In a few seconds, and a couple of clicks, your cloud instance will be ready to use anywhere and anytime. You will get access to a domain with xyz.odoo.com
All the services (hosting, maintenance, support, backups, upgrades) are included in the price of Odoo Enterprise. You control your costs, and you avoid bad surprises.

Key Features of online hosting :

  • Cloud-based 
  • Internet connection required 
  • No installation required
  • No server maintenance required
  • You get the latest Enterprise version
  • Migration to updated version included
  • Odoo Certified Apps only (no third-party apps)
  • Odoo standard (no customizations)
  • Odoo monitors the platform 24/7
  • Unlimited bug fixing and security updates
  • Guarantee 99.9% uptime (excluding planned maintenance)
  • Everyday full backup of your database(s)
  • Email server included
One of the certified apps, Odoo Studio, will allow you to easily customize any view and any report, create new apps, or even perform automated actions (non code customization).

  Odoo.sh PaaS (Platform as a Service)

" Odoo.sh (PaaS) hosting type will support Odoo Enterprise edition only. "

Odoo offers a PaaS (Platform as a Service), Odoo.sh, which allows you to deploy your own cloud platform in a couple of clicks. 
Odoo.sh is made for customized Odoo implementations: you can easily install Odoo certified apps as well as any third-party apps available on the Odoo apps store. 
Moreover, you'll find built-in tools that will help you to develop new apps and custom features such as:

  • Allow custom development 
  • Install third party apps 
  • Integration with Github 
  • An online editor 
  • Continuous integration (your own “runbot”) 
  • A development and staging/testing environment
  • Branch management (track, fork, merge, etc.)
  • Backup servers
  • Automated testing 
  • DNS & routes 
  • Email gateways 
  • 24/7 monitoring 
  • Top-notch hosting 
  • Your domain name 
  • 99.9% of uptime 
  • And many more...
Odoo.sh gives you the flexibility to choose the best deployment architecture (number of workers, storage, and number of staging environments) and lets you easily adjust your configuration as your needs evolve.  The platform will scale as your company grows! 
The platform gives you the best of both worlds: the deployment and maintenance convenience of Odoo Online combined with the freedom of Odoo On-Premises.

  On-Premise / Cloud Dedicated Server Hosting

" On-Premise / Cloud Dedicated server hosting type will support both Odoo Enterprise edition & Odoo Community editions. "

  • You need to download the Odoo ERP software and install it, either on your computer or on your server. 
  • Best Operating System for Odoo on premise or cloud hosting installation is Ubuntu.
With this type of implementation you are responsible for everything related to the running of the Odoo ERP software. You must purchase the network infrastructure, power, servers, operating system, etc. You also need to maintain all necessary infrastructures to keep it running, safe, and up to date. 
The On-Premise hosting gives you full control and autonomy of your installation. You do need to have fairly advanced technical knowledge in order to successfully implement and maintain this kind of hosting. 

How do Synconics help to host Odoo On premise?

  • Local Odoo (Enterprise/Community) installation on Ubuntu OS. 
  • Customization (on existing apps or to create new apps) 
  • Third-party application installation 
  • Ensure maintenance, migration to updated version, back-ups, safety of data
  • Provide Odoo administration training
We also assist how users will connect to the ERP over a public IP address - we can bind IP addresses with domain/subdomain as well. As the system is browser-based we advise minimal hardware but with a high speed. If required we can also install SSL certificates that provide secure, encrypted communications between the HTTPS website and an internet browser.
For in-house or on premise hosting you need to appoint a technical person to manage the server. 


As an Odoo Partner, we always recommend Odoo.sh hosting platform to our customers because all backups, up- time and security are the responsibility of Odoo itself, not contractors who may or may not know anything about how Odoo as an application works. However, deploying Odoo on your own server or a third party hosting service is an absolutely viable option, in between one has to make sure that server is secure.


Odoo Online (SaaS)




On Premise/Dedicated
server on Cloud

Supported Odoo version
Only Odoo Enterprise
Only Odoo Enterprise
Both Odoo Enterprise and Community
Quick and easy setup
Yes Yes Self Installation
Third-party apps installation facility
No Yes Yes
Customization option
No Yes Yes
Odoo Certified Apps
Yes Yes Yes
Maintenance of certified apps (Odoo base apps)
Yes (By Odoo) Yes (By Odoo) No (Manual by your staff) *
Automated Security Patches
Yes (By Odoo)
Yes (By Odoo)
No (Manual by your staff)
Automated Bug Fixes
No (Manual by your staff) *
Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
Your staff / Hosting Provider
Automated backups
Configure by Your staff / Hosting Provider
Email server
Server Control
No Yes
Built in developer and sysadmin tools
Not necessary
Price Level
Hosting included with Enterprise license fee
Enterprise license fee + Storage + Workers + Testing server
Price for Odoo Enterprise + Server + Staff
* If there is any base bug in Odoo system it will be resolved by Odoo, but the code is to be updated maually for On-premise hosting.

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Why we suggest to go with Odoo.sh

Odoo.sh provides a reliable and hassle-free hosting solution for Odoo ERP, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities while leaving the hosting and technical aspects to the experts at Odoo.
There are numerous benefits user role wise as below:



GitHub Integration

Every commit, pull request, merge or fork is tested, and deployed automatically.

Clear Logs

Get detailed and filtered logs available in the browser, in real time.

Web Shell​

Get a shell access to a production server or a container related to a build, in one click.

Modules Dependencies

Manage dependencies with third-party modules with no pain; update when you want.

Continuous Integration

Get a dedicated "runbot" for your project; a dashboard of all tests.


Register your public key and connect to any container in just a few clicks.

Mail Catc​her

Mails are deactivated on staging & dev branches. We provide a mail catcher to read them.



Automated Tests

Every commit goes through a battery of thousands of automated tests.

Stagi​ng Branches

Staging branches are built with production data, and stay alive for a few weeks for testing.

Track Developments

Get a detailed history and logs on all development branches to track progress in real-time.

Manual Tests

Connect on any feature branches once they are pushed in GitHub, with our instant deployment.

Community Modules

Install community modules to test them, in just a few clicks. (based on Git sub modules)



Dev > Staging

Drag development branches to staging, to test them with production data.


Kick off your Odoo project, with a development and hosting platform in three clicks.

Staging > Production

Deploy a staging branch to production in just a drag & drop, once it's fully tested.

Share Test Builds

Share your builds with your customer to ease testing (public or private URLs).



High Availability

We manage all servers for you: monitoring, backups, emails, DNS, ci, staging & production servers.

Incremental Backups

Daily incremental backups on 3 different data centers.

Mail Servers

Production or development mail servers are set up automatically for you.

Great Performance

PostgreSQL and Odoo are optimized for top maximum performance.


Get the status of all your servers, as well as KPIs about their availability and performance.

Instant Recovery

Recover any backup in just a few clicks, in a production or staging branch.


Use your own domain for the production server, and our DNS subdomains for development branches.

Top-Notch Security

Visit www.odoo.com/page/security for further details.

Migrating to Another Platform

Migrating from one platform to another is always an option.

Depending on the origin and the destination platform, the migration complexity will vary and Synconics offers the migration services as well. If you want to migrate from one platform to another, you can contact us.

Synconics helps you transform your ERP implementation operations from strategy to design, delivery and effective execution by providing best-in-class services. These include the following:

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