Odoo Module Configuration

Help you to pick up pertinent modules of Odoo ERP and configure them to suit your business needs. 

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Module Configuration for Your Business Needs

Most ERP systems now offer numerous functionalities, which overwhelm most enterprises during project implementation. Enterprises are needed to pick up relevant components of the system and set up and align these components to meet their specific business requirement. 

Synconics Odoo Functional Consultants will help you to pick up relevant modules of Odoo ERP and configure them to suit the needs of your business. From a scalable point of view, it is essential to ensure ease of use as well as the flexibility to adapt to changes as your business grows.

Personalized Odoo ERP Setup

The first thing in Odoo ERP configuration is to install specific modules needed and configure them, as per the scope of the project. Configuration of an ERP system is a general process of setting all the parameters of the software, where the functionality of a system extends to new dimensions and source code doesn’t need to be changed. Since the configuration of ERP systems can be switched on or off, the process deals with numerous usage controls. Configuring the below items to suit the needs of your business is essential to ensure ease of use as well as the flexibility to adapt to changes within your business.
  • Global system parameters 
  • Create a company & Company-specific configurations 
  • Define countries 
  • Chart of accounts 
  • User/group / role-based configurations
  • Access levels and security management
  • Approval hierarchies for functional areas like expense sheets, vendor invoices, purchase orders, etc.
  • Screen layouts, dashboards, and workflow management 
  • Multi's: Multi-company, multi-currency, Multi Warehouse, etc.
  •  Assigning Tax codes & Calculations
  • Standard templates for entities such as Employees, Jobs, etc.  
  • Setting up of Calendar and periods 
  • Integration between finance and logistic 
  • Product configuration & Units of Measure

General Mode of Configuration

" A function can be turned on or turned off or made optional."
  • XOR i.e. to choose only one flow that fulfills the specified condition

  • OR where a configuration supports optional activities or flow requiring all, none or some of the activities

  • AND - indicate mandatory parallel flows

Some configuration choices are irreversible e.g. if “negative inventory allowed” option is chosen, it cannot be reversed at a later stage. Some configurations are reversible e.g. purchase order quantity may exceed blanket order quantity or not. In some cases if a specific choice is not made, a configurable function can be switched on or off by default.

Synconics Odoo ERP Services

Configuration is not just about setting a few system parameters at initial installation. Maintaining and updating your system at regular intervals is an equally important aspect of a successful ERP implementation. 

If you choose to outsource your Odoo ERP support and maintenance to Synconics as your Odoo ERP implementation partner, then you will get excellent customer care services and the best turn-around time in case you have to contact the Synconics team in the future.

Synconics helps you transform your ERP implementation operations from strategy to design, delivery and effective execution by providing best-in-class services. These include the following:

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