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Welcome to Synconics Odoo ERP support and maintenance services

we ensure that you get timely resolution for all your problems related to Odoo ERP solution.  
Odoo ERP support and maintenance services involve providing ongoing assistance, technical support, and updates to ensure the smooth functioning and optimization of an ERP system within an organization. ERP systems like Odoo are critical for managing various business processes and operations, so maintaining their functionality, security, and performance is essential. Here's what ERP support and maintenance services generally entail:


Odoo Functional Support

Refers to assistance and guidance provided to users, administrators, and organizations that are using Odoo's business management software suite for their day-to-day operations. This type of support is focused on helping users effectively utilize Odoo's features and modules to meet their specific business needs. Here's a breakdown of what Odoo functional support typically involves:

  • Module Usage and Configuration
  • Rectification of wrong entries
  • Business process mapping
  • Data management
  • User training
  • Troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • Best practices and Advice
  • Customization recommendations

Odoo Technical Support

Involves providing assistance and solutions related to the technical aspects of implementing, configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting Odoo's business management software suite. This type of support focuses on addressing issues that require a deeper understanding of the software's underlying architecture, databases, code, and server configurations. Here's an overview of what you can expect from Odoo technical support

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Server management
  • Customization and Development
  • Database management
  • Bug fixing and Issue resolution
  • Upgrade and Migration Assistance
  • Security Guidance
  • Performance Optimization
  • Third-Party API integration
  • Technical Documentation
  • Remote Assistance

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Synconics provides services and support for every Odoo version and edition, either Enterprise, Community and Odoo.sh
Functional: Configuration, functional support and training.
Technical: Customization, new module development, bug resolving, trace back errors.

You can communicate with us through Email : contact@synconics.com  | Skype : synconics.technologies  |  WhatsApp/Mobile : +91942686424

Normal response time is 24 hours, but could vary on working days, public holidays or weekends. It could also vary on issue complexity and the priority will be based on the service pack selected.

What is the support package price?

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