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Odoo Functional Training / ERP Training

The ROI for an ERP investment is only realized when an organization fully understands and utilizes the new system. ERP education for IT and business users is vital to ensuring an organization possesses the right knowledge, skills, abilities and resources to maximize adoption of an ERP system. To drive user adoption and deliver measurable results, Synconics Training and Education Services are engineered to be an integrated component of your ERP implementation.

Odoo Functional training at Synconics offer you thorough knowledge in usability of the software. At Synconics, you will get Odoo training via expert team of professionals from Odoo Domain from corporate point of view as well as for an end user. This is dedicated to Odoo partners, ERP consultants and end users who want to get better functional and technical understanding of Odoo. We offer customized training plans for individuals as well as groups. Also we provide on-campus/onsite training, or via Remote video conference training.

Objectives & Requirements


Upon completion of the training, the participants will be able to:

  • Install and administer Odoo.
  • Become an Odoo Consultant.
  • Do the GAP analysis of any Business Process.
  • Operate/Work with Odoo Smoothly on regular basis.
  • Configure Odoo using the standard modules.
  • Change the look and feel from the front-end (GUI) rather than a need of technical knowledge.


We expect following requirements to be fulfilled by the participant:

  • Bring your own Laptop device.
  • Install the latest stable version that you can download from Odoo Official Website.
  • Good to have a basic understanding of the corresponding business process.
  • Basic concepts of Enterprise Resource management, laws of management processes.
  • Good to have an experience of Business Analysis.

Expert Trainers

Our trainers are not only technology experts, they are practitioners with real-world experience using relevant ERP platforms. Additionally, our instructors are adept at conducting train-the-trainer courses to help clients stay within budget and leverage internal resources. By arming key resources with the right understanding of an ERP platform, our clients achieve higher user-adoption rates over shorter time periods. Partner with us for Odoo ERP initiatives to address your business and IT challenges. Don’t look at end user training as an unnecessary cost. It’s the last step in your ERP implementation and arguably one of the most important.

Functional Training Architecture

Introduction, CRM & Sales

Odoo’s architecture

  • How to create an Odoo Online instance
  • List and form views, search and filter features
  • Tool-tips and drill-downs
  • Advanced navigation
  • Calendar, Graph, Kanban and Gantt views
  • Social network features: emailing, internal communication

The introduction exercises have been created to help you discover Odoo in an easy way. Their main objective is to present the different applications, menus, view types, shortcuts, field types, wizards, actions etc. It will help you to discover how to navigate in Odoo! Therefore, the Introduction is compulsory for everyone, even if you need to learn a specific module given on another date. This obligation has been made to make sure that you are not lost if you arrive in the middle of the training for another module.

Odoo CRM

Introduction: About Odoo, Python Introduction, Configurations General information about Odoo

  • Manage Lead & Opportunities
  • Call, Meeting
  • Partners & contacts
  • Automated actions
  • Import partners and contacts from LinkedIn
  • Track all leads coming in and push them to real opportunities
  • Improve the productivity of the sales force
  • Access all documents and messages related to one lead/opportunity in one place
  • Track the sales pipeline by month and stage to produce accurate sales forecasts at the individual and group levels
  • Track individual performance of sales people


Odoo CRM & Sales management

  • From an opportunity to a sale order
  • Claims
  • After sale communication
  • Margins

Odoo can work with independent applications, so the whole commercial process can be integrated together in order to accomplish complete business flows.

Access rights, Sales & Purchase, Financial accounting Users

  • Groups
  • Access rights and access rules
  • Modules configuration

Thanks to the integrated access rights management integrated, each user has an access to its relevant information. No overloaded screen with a lot of irrelevant data, no unwanted menu etc. Only a clean interface!


  • Products to sell
  • Sales orders
  • Manual discounts
  • Margins

Sales & Warehouse: Invoicing control (On demand / On Delivery Order), Shipping policy (At once / Each product when available)

Register orders from customers and create invoices

  • Schedule deliveries (for products) or tasks (for service)
  • Ensure that sales orders are properly invoiced by tracking pending sales orders

Project Management

Manage and follow your projects, tasks and issues

  • Tasks and tasks delegation
  • Issues and issues escalation
  • Discover the Kanban view to quickly operate some actions and to quickly detect any bottlenecks in your projects flows
  • Discover the Gantt view to see how your project has been planned and adapt it according to new elements or to the people agenda
  • Define project members & delegate tasks
  • Register issues and escalate them
  • Create automatically time sheet lines in the Human Resources menu from recorded work activities
  • Track and invoice (to customers) the costs associated to a project
  • Manage a support ticket system

Odoo Purchase


  • Products
  • Request for Quotation
  • Purchase order
  • Invoicing & Invoice control
  • Incoming order (Complete/partial reception)
  • Purchase requisition
  • Better negotiate volumes and prices based on historical data
  • Centralize all the data to be able to build reporting and statistics
  • Control the invoicing process
  • Work with purchase requisitions to ask different suppliers to submit quotations

Odoo Sales & Purchase management

  • Make to order product
  • Retailer process: buy a product and sell it without any
  • customization/manufacturing

Keep control of the replenishment process based on sales demands! Thanks to this integration, you will be able to automate the ordering for the missing units ordered by a customer.

Odoo Contract Management


  • Invoicing methods
    1. Sale orders
    2. Timesheets
    3. Expenses

Centralize the data related to a specific contract in one single point

  • Perform the invoicing from one single place (Sales order / Timesheet / Expenses)
  • Follow the renewal process
  • Compute statistics based on expected revenues

Odoo Human Resources

Pricelists, Point of Sale (POS), Introduction to Report Customization


  • Prices for returning customers
  • Prices in foreign currencies (with exchange fees)
  • Retailer prices (based on a minimal margin)
  • Keep control on the pricing policy
  • Allow discounts for some periods
  • Ensure your margins even when you define discounts
  • Allow different pricing by customer and/or supplier
  • Update the prices in an easy way

Payment methods (journals)

  • POS Configuration
  • POS front-end
  • POS back-end
  • Shops
  • Sessions
  • POS Orders
  • Re-Invoicing
  • Scanning / Self-scanning

Odoo POS is the first POS running in a 100% web based environment, which means any computer with a browser can host the POS. The POS is a two-part system with a front-end (interaction with the client) and a back-end (managers can configure the system, print reports, analyze …)

About the back-end

  • Configure the products being sold in the POS
  • Configure the payments methods
  • Print daily sales report
  • Analyze sales

Introduction to report customization

  • Customize the layout of your invoices
  • Change the footer/header of documents
  • Add a field in a standard document / report
  • This features will help you to fully customize the standard documents made from Odoo.

Odoo Warehouse Management, Odoo Manufacturing (MRP) & Sales, Import/Export

Stock moves

  • Inventory
  • Partial delivery / receipt
  • Units of measure

Odoo Warehouse Management is at once very simple, flexible and complete. It is based on the concept of double entry that revolutionized accounting: ‘Nothing lost, everything moved’. In Odoo, we don’t talk about disappearance, consumption or loss of products: instead we speak only of stock moves from one place to another.

Manufacturing (MRP)

  • Bill of materials
  • Multi-level BoM
  • Routings
  • Work center operations
  • Manage the production planning
  • Organize the different manufacturing orders to optimize the workload of the different resources
  • From an operational perspective, track which products and quantities need to be manufactured

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